Being Offered Help

Offered Help

The world’s a remarkable place and I’ve written it a million times that people more often than not are willing to extend a hand toward you and help you on your path to achieving your goals.

That being said, the best way to hurt yourself on your journey is to not be able to answer this question: What can I do to help you?

Truth be told, you’ll be asked it … a lot.


Stay Positive & So, How Can I Help You?

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Getting Something Out Of It

What's In It For Me

It’s no surprise that a day that I don’t learn something new that moves me forward on the path to my goals is not a day I enjoy having.

That being said, always trying to get something out of an interaction can get selfish. Many tune into WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

What I’ve learned, though, is you gain more than you can measure when you tune into WIIFT (what’s in it for them).

That’s the beauty of what goes around comes around.

The best way to get something out is actually to give something.


Stay Positive & Selfless Is The New Selfish

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Teachable Moments

Teachable Moments

It seems like it would make sense to plan an hour meeting to teach a group about a project they’re lacking excellence on. Why not add more people to the meeting and teach in one swoop? Might as well order lunch and make it an event. Or …

It seems like it would make more sense to make a teachable moment in the moment. To give feedback immediately. To right the course and have the student become the teacher for others.

They call them teachable moments for a reason.


Stay Positive & Moments, Not Hours

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Beware The Boomerang Effect

Boomerang Effect

Burn out might occur from biting off more than you can chew, but more often than not it comes from projects that you’ve handed off that come back around for your input at the same time.

It’s mighty helpful to have a list of everything you’re working on, but it’s even more helpful to have a list of what others are working on that might be coming back to you.

Gauge how much you can handle and don’t exceed it.


Stay Positive & Control The Cycle

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Investing Time

Investing Time

Would you rather spend your time seeking out short cuts and cutting corners or invest it in taking a leap on creative, knowing it might not work?

Would you rather spend your time on getting certified and credentialed or invest it in building a résumé of failures and successes?

Would you rather spend your time browsing the newsfeed of every platform or invest it in connecting with someone in a meaningful way?

What we focus our attention on and invest our time in will have an exponential impact on the results we see tomorrow, next week a year from now.

Are you spending or investing?


Stay Positive & Might As Well Devote Yourself To It

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Concision is a fun word I heard the other day.

The point a fellow writer was making is that there’s no sense to take more words to convey a message you can use with fewer words.

With the insane attention deficit of any reader (myself included), concision pays.

And it’s easy to be concise when you’re focused on the target and less on yourself.


Stay Positive & There’s Little Value In Fluff

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