Fill The Tank

Fuel Up

Rest is an easy default action to energize.

But more often than not, it’s not energy we need.

It’s will power. It’s a resurgence of passion. It’s being reminded of the why we do what we do.

Better to surround yourself with the right people than to avoid them all together.

That’s how you fill your tank.


Stay Positive & Now You Can Walk 500 More

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Your Solo

Your Solo

Contrary to popular believe, a solo isn’t a time for you to shine alone.

A solo is as significant as it is because the audience knows your surrounded by support even if no one’s standing behind you.

A solo is more of a singalong. It comes after someone and before someone else.

A solo is meant to elevate, bridge and connect a group (not only the audience) on a deeper level.

The only solos that don’t work are the selfish ones. The mic drop ones. The one and done ones.


Stay Positive & At Minimum, Someone Was There To Take The Photo

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Pre-Determined Decisions

Succession Plans

A succession plan is smart, even if you haven’t started on your endeavor yet.

Like any plan, a succession plan is never truly set in stone. However, having one does two things.

1) It gets you in the mindset of success.

2) It makes it easier to stick to your decision of how to handle your success once you’re there.

Many are driven crazy once they’ve achieved what they set out to. Why? Because they’ve built a tribe that’s leaning on them.

Throughout your journey, you’re growing a following of people who expect you to act a certain way. You owe it to them to live to their expectations, not your in-the-moment, unplanned, selfish wants once you’ve reached your destination, right?

Do you sell your company to a conglomerate who you fought against to get started? Do you use funds to build more of what you’ve created or scrap it to start something entirely new? Would you plan to donate a percentage of profits after you meet a threshold? Would you give it all away for free?

It’s worth ruminating on what you’ll do if you succeed in the change you’re trying to make.

You may think what you’re creating now is your legacy, but more likely, it’ll be what you do with what you’ve succeeded at that makes all the difference.


Stay Positive & You Do Plan To Succeed, Right?

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It’s Going To

Dig Deeper

It’s going to take time.

Effort, too.

Oh, and support … lots of support.

It’s going to be tough at times, and then tougher still.

It’s going to feel lonely and uncertain and uncomfortable.

This is what anyone who digs deep into something begins to experience.

It’s also what anyone who is making a greater change in the world experiences.

It comes with the territory, the edge, the change and the greater move you seek to make.


Stay Positive & Might As Well Embrace It

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More Than A People Pleaser

People Pleaser

You can be a people inspire-er

people influencer

people disturber

people changer

people diffuser

people supporter

You can also be family pleaser

self pleaser

tribe pleaser

boss pleaser

kid pleaser

team pleaser

The best thing about being a people pleaser is that you choose to be something else at anytime.


Stay Positive & What’s Today Looking Like?

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A quick way to get ahead of competition is to simply be better.

A quick way to be better is not to do more of what your competitors are already doing.

Rather, cut the time you’re doing what they are in half and invest it into doing what they aren’t.

I’d bet they’re not caring as much about people, quality or how it is delivered, whatever it is.


Stay Positive & It’ll Be What Makes You Different Without Falling Behind

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