The Insights You’re Missing


They’re likely not on the web.

They’re not in your office.

Nor are they back at your home.

The insights you’re missing are ones only learned in the wild, out there with the customer, with the prospects. Perhaps the lessons are even with other experts in your industry, your competitors or your partners.

One thing is for sure: The only way to get the insights you’re missing is to get out there, talk to people, ask questions, survey, probe, test, solicit feedback, give…


Stay Positive & What Are You Gonna Do, Just Stand There?

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How To Know What To Write About A Product

Product Copy

You spend countless hours fretting over product copy.

You’ve got to describe it perfectly. Evoke emotion. Tell your story. Give the facts like height and price. Acknowledge how it relates to the current trend in society. Say how it will benefit the user. And so on.

In pursuit of writing the perfect copy, you forget exactly what you’re writing about: a gift.

And the best way to learn how to write about a gift is to give it to someone, in person, in that moment and to write from that feeling, write from the words you exchange, write from what the recipient of the gift does next.

To write the best copy, you’ve got to get out of the chair, out from behind a screen and experience the impact the product has, not just what you want it to have.


Stay Positive & Write From The Heart

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Life Is A Game

An interesting moment occurred during a board game that a friend was playing for the first time.

Unable to make up his mind on the next move to make, he said, “Dang. I’ll just do this and we’ll see what happens.”

It’s easy to see make this choice when it’s a board game. Of course you have to see what happens so you know for next time. It’s a learning experience and it’s easy to pre-forgive yourself for potentially making the wrong move because next time, you’ll make a smarter one.

It’s not always easy to take this approach with your muse… Once the decision becomes personal, it becomes difficult to forgive yourself in advance for potentially making a poor choice.

But why don’t you anyway?


Stay Positive & Life Is A Game (Treat It More Like One)

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The Reason For And Against

Reasons For And Against

There’s very little that will make it more clear to others that your idea will work than if you present both the reasons for it as well as the reasons against.

Only having reasons for, is interpreted as salesy. It’s misleading. Or worse… They think you’re short-sighted. You haven’t thought the idea through. You’re being ignorant.

If you want to earn someone’s loyalty, tell them why they shouldn’t believe in you first.

“We might not be able to offer you the best product, but we’ll give you the best experience.”

“I can’t compete on pricing, but I can guarantee that you’ll leave knowing that it was worth it.”

It’s all about quieting the devil’s advocate before he has a chance to speak up.


Stay Positive & Being Convincing Starts With Being Truthful About What You’re Not

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After The Lesson Learned Moment

Lesson Learned Moment

You are faced with two options after you learn a lesson.

Starting with the best option, you can plan future executions with your new knowledge. You can ask yourself, “How can I apply this lesson in the next project…hour…meeting…”

This option is about looking forward, utilizing the information as soon as possible, and bettering yourself from this moment on.

The second option is to be frustrated that you should have known better. You may even blame others who put you in that position. You replay the lesson learned moment again and again.

This option is about you becoming stuck in the moment leading up to the lesson learned.

It’s clear what needs to be done, right?


Stay Positive & Unstuck

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On Your Way To Making A New Decision

New Decisions

A new decision, as in, a decision that’s different from the one you’ve already made can bring down the moral of a group the decision impacts.

Not to mention, it’s a struggle personally.

The key to making it easier for others to understand is to keep track of the fresh facts you’ve gathered on your way to making a new decision.

The best way to prevent retaliation, resentment, and frustration from a team is to bring them up to speed on the facts that have influenced your new decision.

Once they know what you know, they can believe in the decision again.

It’s only when you don’t bring them up to speed that teams and the work their doing and the way they work together begins to crack.


Stay Positive & Extra Points For Storytelling The New Information

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Can You Help More People?

Help More With Less

The old school way of thinking is to create something and work to convince people they need it. Find the solution first, then look for the problem.

Much more the norm now is to look for the problem and then create a solution for it.

Yet, so often that solution only benefits those who buy in… selfishly it helps your bottom line, but if it’s not significant enough to get others to buy in too, why not create something that helps more people with less?

Consider the type of alarm system on cars. The loud alarm deters carjackers from your car, but there’s no reason they won’t go to your neighbors car without one. This type of alarm protects you, but not others who aren’t investing in it around you.

Now consider the silent alarm. The one that goes off, alerts you and the authorities without making a sound to the thief. Once the carjackers are aware of there being silent alarms in an area, they won’t take the risk of trying your neighbors’ car.

Your car and the car of all those around you becomes that much more safe… merely because a product was designed to help more than just the person paying for it.

How can your product or service help more with less?

Or, if you’re the consumer, what can you invest in for the greater good of you and those around you?


Stay Positive & We Before Me

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