Customers’ Imperfect Story

Imperfect Story

No one enjoys being the bearer of bad news, but to run a successful business, you must.

Fortunately, there are ways to do it authentically, full of care, with complete empathy… and, of course, with a line of sight toward a better story. Sure, maybe it’s still imperfect, but it’s better.

No one will seek a solution until they understand their problem. Sometimes they realize it on their own. Most of the time, though, they need you to show they’re doing it wrong and that there’s a better way.


Stay Positive & Ready To Tell A Better Story?

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Simplicity Requirements


The only real requirement for one that wants to simplify a process, an interaction, a business model is that one must be willing to go against the grain, challenge the status quo and hold one’s ground as those around say “We’ve always done it this way.”

Confidence isn’t an option for simplicity, it’s a requirement.


Stay Positive & You Do Want It To Be More Simple, Right?

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Your Talent Isn’t As Important As You Think It Is

How They Leave Feeling

You can be an epic pitch writer but if the reporter doesn’t leave a conversation feeling glad they interacted with you, then you won’t find too much success with your talent.

The same goes for comedians, brewers, artists, retailers, administrators, teachers, yogis…

All that matters is the feeling the other person leaves with about themselves.

They could care less what shoes you’re wearing, whether or not you can recite the founders story or if you compliment them on their nailpolish… unless of course, that’s an essential part to the story they are telling themselves about the experience. Point is, ensure that what you’re doing isn’t just showboating; it’s having a positive impact on a person.


Stay Positive & Give, Don’t Push

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One Person

One Person

It doesn’t matter if your ad will be placed in front of millions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking in front of 200 people.

It doesn’t matter if your product or service will be used by thousands.

Write for one person. Create for one person. Give to one person.

There’s a lot of people like them.


Stay Positive & Art Falls Flat When It’s Created For The Masses Anyway

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Ideas That Bounce

Ideas That Bounce

Ideas that bounce are nearly always ideas that are made better or ones that spark something fresh or another idea that resonates more accurately with a target.

When was the last time you got together with a group and simply shared ideas within a theme? Talked about what you’re doing with your muse? Bounced ideas off one another?

One ought to always have something worth talking about.

Turns out the way to get there is to start talking by bouncing ideas.


Stay Positive & ᴮᵒᵘᶰᶜᵉ Bounce BOUNCE

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Here To Transform

We're Here To Transform

A quote that has been hung up on my wall for quite some time reads…

“We’re not here for pain. We’re here to transform.”

So many marketers focus on stealing customers from the competition or they direct energy at retaining their customer base, perhaps getting a few to bring their friends who are just like them along next time.

The special marketers–the ones making a real difference in the world–are the ones working to transform people. To get someone who has never considered having their groceries delivered, to do so. To get someone who can’t stand the taste of an IPA, to fall in love with the style.

Marketing to transform – that’s where the real magic happens.


Stay Positive & Let’s Get To Work

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