Unlocking Potential #16: Q&A With Chris Brogan

I have to admit, I squealed a bit when Chris’s assistant emailed me back stating Chris would be game for a Q&A as part of my Unlocking Potential series. Chris is full of wisdom, insight, and complete passion when it comes to marketing and living life to the max. His way of working and writing […]

Unlocking Potential #15: Q&A With Donna White

Once you’re on a social platform long enough, you get to see the changes and improvements people make in their lives. You get to see some people transition to becoming a linchpin. Donna White, when we started following each other on Twitter, was making a name for herself. Now she’s regularly writing at PrimeTime and making […]

Unlocking Potential #14: Q&A With Rob Shapiro

I’m glad I went down the path of Journalism as well as PR. Without my passion for journalism, I may not have come across Muck Rack, and, by extension, Rob Shapiro. Rob does what everyone linchpin needs to do: connects, creates, and crushes it. If you’re clicking into the Unlocking Potential series for the first […]

Unlocking Potential #13: Q&A With Ryan Paugh

When researching for a story centered on entrepreneurs under 30, a friend connected me with Ryan Paugh. At the time, Ryan was at Brazen Careerist writing, speaking and preaching about career-management. He was big into entrepreneurship… still is. Like all the others on the unlocking potential series, Ryan is a linchpin. He is the source, […]

Unlocking Potential #12: Q&A With Mariah Haberman

Welcome back to another Q&A with a remarkable marketer as part of the Unlocking Potential series. I heard about a woman named Mariah Haberman when I first moved to Madison, I found out she worked at the PR agency I hope to work at, and then I got to see her speak not too long […]

Unlocking Potential #11: Q&A With John Saddington

I regularly write about the importance of being human, of momentum and of the need to continuously try new things. Top experimenter John Saddington is a living example of doing all the above. John is linchpin who I recall wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt to Seth Godin’s Pick Yourself event in Tribeca, and asked Seth a […]

Unlocking Potential #10: Q&A With Alex Birkett

Linchpins are driven and self-efficient. They make themselves essential. While rock stars amaze me and underdogs amaze me, those people you don’t see coming and then they zip right past you, they amaze me the most. Alex is a lot like a car you see in your rear view mirror one second, and then it’s a […]