One Person

One Person

It doesn’t matter if your ad will be placed in front of millions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking in front of 200 people.

It doesn’t matter if your product or service will be used by thousands.

Write for one person. Create for one person. Give to one person.

There’s a lot of people like them.


Stay Positive & Art Falls Flat When It’s Created For The Masses Anyway

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Ideas That Bounce

Ideas That Bounce

Ideas that bounce are nearly always ideas that are made better or ones that spark something fresh or another idea that resonates more accurately with a target.

When was the last time you got together with a group and simply shared ideas within a theme? Talked about what you’re doing with your muse? Bounced ideas off one another?

One ought to always have something worth talking about.

Turns out the way to get there is to start talking by bouncing ideas.


Stay Positive & ᴮᵒᵘᶰᶜᵉ Bounce BOUNCE

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Here To Transform

We're Here To Transform

A quote that has been hung up on my wall for quite some time reads…

“We’re not here for pain. We’re here to transform.”

So many marketers focus on stealing customers from the competition or they direct energy at retaining their customer base, perhaps getting a few to bring their friends who are just like them along next time.

The special marketers–the ones making a real difference in the world–are the ones working to transform people. To get someone who has never considered having their groceries delivered, to do so. To get someone who can’t stand the taste of an IPA, to fall in love with the style.

Marketing to transform – that’s where the real magic happens.


Stay Positive & Let’s Get To Work

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If Your Budget Was Zero

Marketing Budgets

If your budget was zero, zilch, nada… how would you market your product or service?

Who are the first ten people you’d talk to? What would you say to them?

You would ask them to share your story with ten of their friends, right?

Having a larger marketing budget isn’t meant to be spent the same way others are spending theirs, to compete with dollars for eyeballs, to add to the noise. No, it’s to amplify what you would do if your budget were zero.

Turns out the ad space for word of mouth is limitless and free. All you have to do is something remarkable, that is, worth talking about. Maybe that’s where the marketing budget goes?


Stay Positive & Let Your Product And Others Do The Marketing For You

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Portion Control (Ending Workaholicism)

Portion Control

Dieters eat less when they have smaller plates.

Work works the same way. It fills the space you’ve made for it.

A project that could have taken 3 hours instead of the 7 hours that it ended up taking can be quickly blamed on the people, the organizer, the steps that were presented… or it could have been because it didn’t need to be done for 7 hours.

You choose the size plate of work you take on. What’ll it be?


Stay Positive & Work Is Served

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“Good Marketing”

Good Marketing

Good marketing is like success; it’s different to everyone.

And that’s the challenge for any marketer–communicate and convince others what good marketing is.

Is it anything that puts a smile on another’s face? Is it conversions? Is it profit at the end of the month? Is it how many calls a person can make in 24 hours? Is it about getting one person to leave and come back with a friend the next day?

Here’s a challenge: Define what good marketing is and have all stakeholders sign off on it.

Then there’s no confusion if what you’re doing is good or bad, working or not working.


Stay Positive & Sound Good?

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Giving It Serious Thought

Serious Thought

Contrary to popular belief, serious thought isn’t given in a single session.

It’s a combination of both micro- and macro-moments.

Varying degrees of space in time dedicated to considering if a decision is the right one, who it impacts, why you’re doing it, how will you know it (or you) have succeeded.

Turns out, most who say they are giving serious thought to a topic, usually only offer it a micro-moment, an instant-gratification evaluation, a piece to a puzzle rather than the big picture.


Stay Positive & It’s Not About Having Time, It’s About Making It

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