Paying for Attention

Paying For Attention

Attention is expensive.

Even when it seems like attention was gotten easily, a lot of effort was put into the stunt or for those two worlds to collide or to steal a glance away from a competitor.

What I see so many brands fail it is this: You’ve got their attention… now what?


Stay Positive & Maybe Invest More In An Answer Than Attention

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The User, Not The Tool

Tools And The User

You can be quick to search for a tool that can do a hundred things.

There are plenty of SEO tools that can curate hundreds of key words for you to focus on, but it can’t tell you if those key words will matter to your target.

The best advice I’ve gotten around tools?

“Focus on the user, not the tool.”

At what stage on the customer journey is the user? What’s relevant to them? Where are they geographically located and how is the weather and culture there different from another customer’s location? How can you appeal to different people differently?

No need to spend more finding tools; invest in learning all you can about your target and the number of tools and the difficulty of using them will lessen.


Stay Positive & What Have You Learned About Your Customer Recently?

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You’re Not The Only One Who Has Thought It

Sharing Ideas

You have a great idea, maybe a few great ideas, and then what?

You hang onto them. You avoid talking to friends about them…let alone, those in the market because you don’t want your idea(s) stolen.

But, when you keep them to yourself, you not only miss out on the fact that you’re not the only one who has thought of it (a humbling experience), but you also miss out on the chance of someone being able to help you make it happen.

Most likely, they’ve taken that “great idea” a step further already, and now you’re holding yourself back, them back and the idea back.

The world’s not full of thieves; it’s void of sharers, doers, and givers.


Stay Positive & Share Your Ideas

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Down The Line

Down The Line

How often do you look down the line?

Better yet, how many actions do you take each day that will only help you in the future?

What exactly did you invest in yesterday? Not do, but invest.

What can you do today to ensure you don’t hit a wall on mile 21?

It’s more important that actions are taken now for later than they are for instant gratification.


Stay Positive & What’s Down The Line Is On The Line

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The Career Development Path

Career Development

Everyone begins their career path by doing tasks. Checking off the to-do list. All actions taken are task-focused. You’re getting a feel for it all, learning the basics, getting your feet underneath you and–if you’re lucky–making and learning from plenty of mistakes.

Often times without even noticing it, you move into the next phase of advancement. You ask smarter questions. You switch from asking “What is this?” to “Why is it this way?” All actions taken are improvement-focused. You’re now mindful of more than what happens within the four walls of your work; it’s now about the industry and all the people influencing it

The last phase of developing a career you can be proud of is cultural development. Everything you do is focused on benefiting others, ensuring this thing you built keeps running years down the line, and you exercise your experience of having gone through the other two phases by making it smoother and a more joyful ride for others to take.


Stay Positive & Where Are You?

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Influence Options

Setting The Bar

Anytime you are interacting with someone, you have two options: influence or be influenced.

Too often people let themselves be influenced to be less themselves for the sake of connecting.

Better, I think, to do the influencing and raise another up.

Turns out when someone sees that you’ve set a bar, they do try to reach it.


Stay Positive & It’s On You To Decide Who Does The Influencing

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