Removing The Glue

More Ideas Please

It’s not necessarily that we need more great ideas to get unstuck.

We simply need more ideas.

Lists of them with the mindset of “this might not work, but let’s write it down anyway.”

Lists of ideas that might not feel on target, but are still ideas.

We need ideas from every person’s perspective.

Ideas that seem preposterous, ideas that seem categorized, ideas that seem too little and others too large.

There’s not a single problem or setback that an idea can’t get you out of.

Alas, you must find it.


Stay Positive & We’re ALL In The Idea Business

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Your Default Setting

Our Default Settings

The reason there’s conflict with feedback is that each of us has a default setting for how we give it.

We’re set to give radical candor the way we would want to receive it.

The same goes for how we love, how we run a business, how we organize our work stations, how we give charitably, and how we handle our morning routine.

Once we can see an interaction for what it really is–an opportunity to listen and to give what the other(s) actually want to receive–we begin shaping a better world for them and for ourselves.


Stay Positive & It’s About Them Then You

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But Who Is It For?

Blurred Target

The moment there’s a disagreement, ego chimes in.

Someone needs to be the smartest in the room, right?

Someone needs to step up and make a decision, right?

Better to always be asking, “Who is it for?”

What does the target care about? Will they understand it when they see it? Does it make their life easier, better, fuller? Will they thank you?

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you think the order of a set of icons should be. What matters is how the visitor wants the order to be.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if the creative makes you chuckle. What matters is if it makes the target chuckle.

Put on the ABA hat. Always be asking.

Who is it for? Who is it for? Who is it for?


Stay Positive & At Least We Know One Thing, It’s Not For You

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The Cost Of Action

Cost Of Action

The cost of action is almost always less now than it is later.

The seldom penalty of taking actoin early often outweighs the consequence of waiting too long.

Thrashing (not the good early kind, but the belated kind) is expensive.

The difference between action now and action later is one is an investment, one is a cost.


Stay Positive & Better To Get Paid, Than To Do The Paying

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Mentoring, Coaching, Motivating, And Sponsoring

Who Are You Learning From?

Those who mentor are those who are directing you down a path they’re certain (to a degree) will lead to success. Mentors are there to answer your questions and to ask even more thoughtful ones.

Coaches, however, are more direct. Do this. Do that. Push yourself down a path and see if it’s the right one. It’s likely it’s not, but you’ll learn for it and I’ll be here to cheer you on either way.

Motivators are merely there to inspire. Not to dangle a carrot at the end of a stick, but to highlight what success is, to showcase stories of both failure and success in the world you want to live in.

Sponsors pull you up. They’re not just a leader, they’re someone who carves out opportunities just for you. When you succeed, they succeed. They have skin in the game.

It’s worth knowing which role you’re playing and even more worth knowing which role your friend, colleague, boss, significant other or sibling needs you to play.


Stay Positive & Be What They Need, Not What You Enjoy Being More

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Attributes, Nice-To-Haves And Who You Really Want To Work With

Who You Want To Work With

No doubt there are a number of attributes for a person that helps elevate the work at hand.

Attributes like their desire to control a situation so they can ensure an outcome or their dedication to quantity or their drive for perfection.

While those are nice-to-haves, they don’t often make it a pleasure to work with a person.

(We’ve all experienced the death spiral that is perfectionism.)

Better to find those who you really want to work with by looking for characteristics like the posture of “we” instead of “I” or that they yes, and ideas rather than play devil’s advocate.

It’s your story and the people you work with play a large role. Might as well choose wisely.

It’s better than the alternative.


Stay Positive & Go Team

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