When The Going Gets Rough

When The Going Gets Rough

Anyone can sail in smooth seas.

It’s easy to keep a positive attitude when things are going your way.

Momentum will keep you on track to succeed.

Turns out though, you’re not being assessed on how you handle “the good.” Your character is showcased, analyzed and, yes, judged when the going gets rough.

Can you keep your head on while all those around you are losing theirs?

Can you see the project through this rough patch to excellence?

One more reason to leap rather than take a shortcut. One more reason to sail into the open sea instead of staying in port. One more reason to try something, if only to fail and get up again.


Stay Positive & Full Speed Ahead

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Not Right Doesn’t Mean You’re Wrong

Until It Resonates

You put a lot of work out into the world. You send a lot of emails. You pitch a lot of ideas.

Sometimes what you do doesn’t work. Sometimes it gets rejected. Sometimes you get fired from doing the work a second time around.

Just as a product isn’t made for every person, nor is the work you do.

That book you wrote? It might not be for the person who read it and joked that you shouldn’t quit your day job. The latest report you gave to your boss and she said to redo it? It might not have been wrong, it just wasn’t right for her.

That’s not to say there’s nothing there for you to learn, but there’s no sense in feeling defeated, in hiding, in letting the feedback stop you from putting yourself out there again.

Eventually someone’s going to jive with your work. You just need to let eventually happen by showing up until it does.


Stay Positive & Some People’s Perceived-Trash…

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Instructions Matter


Sure, very few read the instructions to begin with. So why bother?

Mainly so that the second time around, they can get it right.

Even if it cuts the number of calls to your customer service team (or you!) in half. It’s still worth the investment for others, and, you’ll learn quickly, for you, too. It’s incredible what you learn about your product or service when you write the instructions.


Stay Positive & Step One: Write The Instructions

[I bought a humidifier. Never read the instructions. And a year later it was calcified and gross. I found the care instructions online. No need to call, complain or let the brand know I never read the instructions that came with the humidifier. Second time around, I’ll care for it the right way. Oh, and I’ll be purchasing from the same brand, too. Why not?]

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Surprising And Delighting

Surprising and Delighting

Surprising and delighting works, but only when it’s done randomly.

The moment you attempt to exceed every expectation, that’s when you enter a spiral toward disappointment.

At some point, you won’t be able to blow someone away with your not-so-random acts of kindness.

The beauty of it all is that keeping your promise, that’s usually enough. No need to focus on exceeding every expectation.


Stay Positive & A Special HT To Seth Godin For This Realization

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What’s Your Objective

Know Your Objective

Facebook has a few ad objectives marketers can choose from.

There’s engagement – get people interacting with and reacting to your post.

There’s awareness – get as many people to see your post as possible.

There’s conversion – get people to buy what you’re selling in your post.

Whether you believe Facebook is the social messiah of the digital world or not, it’s worth noting that even the media giant sets advertisers up to have three separate conversations about success.

Contrary to what you may have been told (or told yourself), every post, word, image, share, statement you put out in the world is not just to sell, to make money, to get people to buy.

Too often conversations swing that way (and the worldview that most people have ulterior motives when they perform an act of kindness doesn’t help either). The truth is that sometimes all we want is to engage with someone, to connect with them, to feel something.

The truth is that sometimes we just want to share that there’s a sale or that there’s a special release happening Tuesday because we would have wanted someone else to share it with us. The motivation is to contribute, not to collect.

When we try to talk about engagement and awareness with how many conversions we collected; that’s when trouble arises, expectations go unmet, and future marketing messages lose their meaning and become a blur.


Stay Positive & So Tell Me Again, What’s Your Objective

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More Fools

Fool Agent

What the world needs is more fools.

More people who push a project so close to the edge that they’re guaranteed to make a mistake somehow.

More people who subject themselves to the long haul, that don’t expect instant gratification, that do what looks stupid now for the greater good of later.

More people who dance at the edge, who play both roles of insider and outsider.

More people who label things as they are, who call it as they see it, who are purveyors of truth.

More people who find courage in discomfort.

Like I said, more fools.


Stay Positive & More People Like You?

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