Take Your Story

Your Story

  1. And add imagery to it.
  2. And make it easy to understand. (Ex: Tesla is like an electronic Mercedes.)
  3. And show the human side of it. The heartache. The stress. The frustration. And, most importantly, how you overcame it all.
  4. And tell it every. single. day.
  5. And find ways to add to it.

There’s not much more needed than that.


Stay Positive & You Do Have A Story, Right?

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How much can you contribute?

Not own. Not reuse.

But contribute to a room full of others sharing their ideas, beliefs, and thoughts.

Contributing to a conversation is how the best ideas rise to the top, the best connections are made, the best experiences happen.

If you’re not in the mode to give, what are the consequences?


Stay Positive & Are They Worth It? Likely Not

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Random Shouting

Good And Bad Marketing

You could shout something you believe in to a room full of 100 people from your current city of residence and it’s likely a few will respond positively, will come up and chat with you about your shared belief, will pay to feel like they just felt; that they’re not the only one to believe something.

What if you were given two options after shouting your belief.

Option 1: Change your belief and re-shout it to see if you can get more people to respond positively and come chat with you.

Option 2: Befriend the few who, like you, have found something that they’ll stand for, nurture those relationships, then find others like them, going into new cities if you have to.

That’s the difference between bad marketing and good marketing.


Stay Positive & Maybe Try Whispering?

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The Stuff That Doesn’t Seem To Matter

Stuff That Matters

Crawling as a baby seems pretty pointless, but it was a step in the direction of starting to walk.

Had we never known that we could actually bring ourselves from point A to point B, we may never have cared to walk, skip or run.

Freewriting seems pretty pointless, too, but it’s often a step in the direction of writing a novel that matters.

Drinking 500 different beers may seem like a waste of money, but it’s a step in the direction of becoming a Certified Cicerone.

All of those trivial, daily, “this isn’t art, I could paint that” moments–the stuff that doesn’t seem to matter…does.


Stay Positive & Stop Tricking Yourself Into Not Doing It (It’s How We Learn)

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How Many Stories

Empathy Exercise

Here’s an exercise to prove you’re empathizing with your customer.

Open your note taking app of choice and begin writing down as many stories as you can that your customer is telling him or herself about your product or service.

For example:

“I want it to be easy for other people to notice that I’m part of a certain group; that they’ll know they’re meeting someone fun and motivated and still down-to-earth. That’s why I  buy Johnny Cupcakes shirts.”

“So many people make shirts cheaply and they’re super uncomfortable to lounge around in. That’s why I buy Johnny Cupcakes shirts. They’re so soft and fit me perfectly–just a little large to be breathable.”

And so on.


Stay Positive & Go Ahead, How Many Can You Write Up?

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Second Chance Service

No Second Chances

When it comes to service, whether it’s person to person or an online help bot, people rarely give you a second chance after they’ve had a poor experience.

One sarcastic and rude server at a restaurant, and that couple’s not returning.

One terrible experience trying to figure out how to return a product ordered from your website, and they won’t be ordering another.

Time and attention needs to be put to ensuring a positive experience from the moment one thinks of your brand to… infinity.

It might seem like a lot to ask for, but more and more companies are sprouting up, determined to do it, to be the best.


Stay Positive & Make It So Your Customer Doesn’t Need To Give You A Second Chance

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If You Want Your Message Heard

Sharing Your Message

If you want your message heard, don’t shout it.

Don’t plaster it across every billboard on highway 13.

Definitely don’t interrupt people just to share your message.

If you want your message heard, be so remarkable that others tell it.

It’s not about having a bigger megaphone; it’s about having a better message.


Stay Positive & What Are Others Saying Right Now?

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