Micro Power

Micro Power

Never underestimate the power of a 180 word blog post where every word is carefully selected.

Or the power of a person with 1,200 followers, but who is closely connected and interactive with each of them.

Or the David’s of a world full of Goliaths.

There’s power in the micro.


Stay Positive & Influence Works In Multiples

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Give And Get

Give More

It’s very likely your give isn’t big enough. It’s not eye-catching enough. It’s not more than the other guys. It’s not remarkable.

Then again, what the customer gets might not be enough. It might not be convincing enough. It might not satisfy a pain point. It might not be something they’re willing to share with others.

You can talk up the get, you can market it, you can apply add-ons to it, but it will never have as much of an impact as increasing your give, promising better, doing more, giving your all.


Stay Positive & Focus On Upping Your Give

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The Best Time To Assume


The best time to assume is when you don’t know and neither does your target.

The majority of assumptions you’ll make about a customer will likely be wrong, but at least you’ll know by testing your assumption.

And your customers can’t tell you because they have trouble imagining how you can be infinitely better, too.

Anyway, eventually you’ll be right and your target will be that much more grateful for your brand’s existence.

To make that kind of progress, though, you have to be willing to be wrong, you have to be willing to assume, to try and to learn.


Stay Positive & It’s The Trifecta Of Business Development

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Interest In Stories

Story First

People have always been interested in stories.

It feels like more so now than ever before. It leaves me wondering…

What if you made the logo smaller and the story larger?

What if you switched the “about us” page to a “why we exist” page?

What if you put the story into a video instead of buying a bigger megaphone?

To become remarkable, you have to put the own in known; as in owning your story, flaunting it, showcasing it, making it so obvious that it’s the first thing anyone interacting with you or your brand experiences and subsequently remembers.

The story has to come first.


Stay Positive & There’s A Difference Between What You And They Want

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Waking Up For Change

Your Drive

What do you wake up hoping to change?

Turns out that answer is the same answer to the prompt “Tell me about your business.”

What you do is far more compelling when you get to the heart of it; what’s driving you? What change are you trying to make? Why does your business exist?

Call it your “why” or your “purpose” or your “reason to exist,” but have it. Start every conversation with it. Repeat it to yourself throughout the day. Fuel it.


Stay Positive & Well?

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