Second Chances

Second Chances

Second chances are rarely given. At least, they’re rarely expected to be.

Unbeknownst to most, though, they’re still available, they’re still an option, they’re there.

You can read an email a second time before hitting send.

You can change your mind about the path you’re walking down even if it means back-stepping a bit to get back to the fork in the road.

You can elevate another’s idea after thinking it was a dumb one.

You don’t need to wait to be given a second chance. They’re ripe for your picking.


Stay Positive & What Second Chances Are You Taking?

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Go For Depth


Reach and frequency are two measurements often drooled over and measured.

Reach is the number of people you can interrupt, get in front of, and have hear (but maybe not listen to) your message.

Frequency is the number of times you can do that to the same person.

Better, I believe, to go for depth; an unmeasurable metric that requires telling your message when and where it’s welcome.


Stay Positive & Do It With Care

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Pitching & Paying For Publicity

Promoting & Pitching

Pitching works, but it’s ultimately time-consuming and often shatters confidence when you think you have a story to tell but no one wants to help share it.

You can also pay for publicity. You can place ads. You can pay someone to stand at the corner and had out flyers. You can increase your paid support behind your Facebook event.

Paying for publicity works, but it’s ultimately expensive and doesn’t do a strong enough job of communicating your real value because you’re the one telling it.

Becoming well-known isn’t a chicken or an egg situation. It’s those who have stories, that do things so special that they don’t need to pitch it. They make every experience valuable enough that the one who experienced it wants to share it with 10 friends.

Pitching and paying is better for amplification of what already exists.


Stay Positive & Put Your Time And $ To What Matters

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Target Needs

Wants And Needs

If your target has money, then they have fewer and different needs than someone without money.

In fact, once someone has money, they begin to blur the line between wants and needs.

So here’s an interesting exercise: What needs does your target already have?

Respect? Health? Community? Peace of mind?

Then list what needs your target is searching for. Self-transcendence? Friendship? Nostalgia?

Now place a check next to the needs that you provide. Are they the ones your target is searching for or are they ones your target has already met?


Stay Positive & Our Wants Are Many, Our Needs Are Few

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The Special Don’t Compete

There Is No Competition

One reason to love the craft beer industry is that so many brands are working to be special, rather than race to the bottom against the conglomerate companies.

Talk to a craft brewery owner and so often you’ll hear them say “Our friends down the street are brewing some gnarly stuff, too. Definitely check them out if you can.”

They understand that the fellas down the street are alternatives for people who seek something they aren’t offering; they’re not competition.

“Who’s your competition” is always a trick question.


Stay Positive & It’s All About Positioning

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