There’s A Line

The Line

Isn’t there always?

A line you need to cross, that if you don’t, then it implies you didn’t try hard enough, give enough, care enough.

A line you don’t want to cross, that if you do then it implies you tried too hard, gave too much, cared more than enough.

The lie we tell ourselves is that there’s a space between. And that begs the question: If there isn’t space between, are you better off crossing or not crossing the line?


Stay Positive & You Know The Answer

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Unmet Needs And Immediate Desires

Instant Gratificaiton And Unmet Needs

Instant gratification is a struggle for most. That’s why services and products are hot for a moment and gone tomorrow.

Instant gratification isn’t about what happened yesterday or what will be desired tomorrow or a year from now; it’s the feeling of needing something now, today, in the moment.

Of course, a business can’t sustain itself this way, yet so many try to jump on every bandwagon that presents itself–an exhaustive hustle of providing momentary satisfaction rather than meeting a real need for the customer.

The next fidget spinner that comes to market, consider what the real need of the person playing with it has. After all, those who lean into instant gratification are the ones who aren’t having needs fulfilled.


Stay Positive & Lean Into It The Unmet Needs

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The Best Thing I’ve Done

Hit Send

The best thing I’ve repeatedly done is sent a message even when my brain said don’t bother.

Not just any message either…a message asking someone smarter than me to chat, to provide advice, to share feedback, to gut check an idea or piece of work of mine.

Time and time again, people show up to help despite my lizard brain saying “they’re too busy,” “your idea isn’t complete enough,” “they’re not going to care about you.”

What email are you not sending?

Who are you not asking for help from?

Why are you listening to your lizard brain?


Stay Positive & Hit Send

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All Your Doing

For Them

All you’re doing is making other people’s lives easier.

Your business isn’t about you even if it’s named after you.

The businesses that fail do so because they get tired of serving.

Effort must be constant. If you’re not making their lives easier, you’re making them more difficult.

Gut check your every decision: Is this making their life easier?


Stay Positive & The Answer Needs To Be Yes

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People That Matter

People That Matter

Two groups of people matter for your business.

The diehards, the ones that are regularly showing up, the ambassadors–These folk are in it for the sense of community, and they sure as hell make you happy to be in business.

You matter to them and they matter to you.

Secondary, but still vital to appeal to, are those who don’t know what it’s like to be in the first group. It’s your job to show them, to get to know them, to treat them like they are already “in.”


Stay Positive & It Works Out When You Treat All Like The First Group (Even If They’re Not…Yet)

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Reading It Over

Reading It Over

Best practice has always been to read it over before you put it out into the world.

Fact of the matter is that it’s not important how many times you read it over, rather the importance lies in how you read it.

You might read it out loud because it helps you write more casually and conversationally. You might even read it over after imagining you were in the target’s shoes. Maybe you read it as if it’s going to your aunt.

You can read something a million times, but if it’s not through the lens of the target then your updates might actually be downgrades.


Stay Positive & You Are Writing For Someone, Aren’t You?

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