Communications Or Marketing

Tactical Communications

It will only help to draw a line between tactics you’re performing that are marketing and promotions tactics and what are communication tactics.

Marketing and promotions might be a way to get someone in the door, buy more or come back again. It can be good design, a cozy atmosphere, exceptional service and surprise and delighting. It might be a Buy One Get One deal or it might be a free gift bag with each purchase.

All can be effective marketing tactics if(!) the message is heard.

The challenge here then is to draw a line between what’s marketing and what’s communications.

Pitching your business deals to the city and neighborhood papers is a communication tactic. So is using social media, sending out a weekly newsletter and direct mail. Getting involved in trade groups is another great communication tactic.

By all means, you’re meant to blend communication tactics with marketing tactics, but know the formula you’re trying to use. Too many businesses have a well designed product at a discount and wonder why no one is coming in to buy it.


Stay Positive & If A Promotion Happens In The Forest And No One Is There To Hear It …

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