Expanding Target

Single Target

Isn’t the broadside of a barn an easier target than a 4×4 box with a 1-inch circle in the middle?

Our default setting is to seek the easy. Of the nearly 2,500 posts I’ve written, I’d say a solid 25% start like this: “It’s easy to ______ but _____.”

Ultimately “easy” leads to overall discontent, meaninglessness and the loss of mattering.

When it comes to expanding your target … don’t.

Get up close and personal with a core group. Decide (and that’s the most important part) who matters most. Be okay not appealing to everyone (because you won’t be able to, anyway).

Also note that you’re not excluding others, rather, you’re prioritizing who will benefit most from the most meaningful version of your product or service.

It’s raising the bar on all parties with the risk of upsetting a few. But that risk is what makes it difficult, and what makes it difficult is what makes it important work.

Invest energy into the outer layers of your target later (or you might find you’ll never have to).


Stay Positive & Shorten Your Radius

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