Getting Better

Getting Better

When there’s downtime, you may want to relax, keep to your comfort zone, maybe your lizard brain motivates you to clean your inbox and complete some busy-work.

That’s no way to get better.

Nor is looking to others that are on or near your level. Doing what they do, offering to help them with their workload since you’ve completed yours keeps you from getting better. You may be able to do your work quicker and stronger, but you’re not doing bigger more remarkable work.

One seamless path to getting better is to look to what those way ahead of you are doing and do that. If you see them going to meetings with potential clients to talk about their business, schedule some yourself.

If you see them crafting a message strategy for a big brand, craft one too and run it by them. “Hey, I saw you were working on a message strategy for the local brewery. Here’s something I came up with in my downtime.”

The only way to get better is to

  1. Do things you’ve never done before
  2. Take actions that scare you
  3. Play outside your comfort zone
  4. Use downtime to get better

By all means, if someone asks you for help, do the right thing. But if you’re wondering what to do with your downtime, don’t spend it doing what you always do. Invest it in something different, something better.


Stay Positive & Don’t Wait To Be Asked, Pick Yourself

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