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Better Your Writing

Put all the facts out there. Write what you want to say. Make the point clear.

It’s the moment when all of that is on paper that divides those who are going to make an impact and those are going to be told “No.”

Those who will end up revising or scrapping the writing all-together are those who stop after they’ve written what they’ve wanted to write.

Those who will see their writing be appreciated and have an impact are those who go back through their writing and layer it in a way that others will actually want to read it.

It’s so rare people read as it is. Having a stronger point won’t get them to read it from start to finish, but telling an entertaining story, putting them in it right away; that’s when you have a chance.

A great gut check is if you enjoy reading what you wrote and don’t mind reading it again or if you merely want to get it off your to-do list and move on.


Stay Positive & Write For Someone, Not Just To Them

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