A Little Added Design Won’t Hurt


If you have a solid opportunity to add some design to something standard, take it.

Chobani has some text on their yogurt stating they are a proud sponsor of the olympics. Instead of stopping there, they decided to have a bit of fun with design. Sure, the design may only be noticed and appreciated by a few, but they are the few that matter most.

Plus, adding some design raises brand awareness with those who don’t care for greek yogurt. It has to be comforting to Chobani knowing you will now think of them when you consider giving greek yogurt a try. (Trust me, you eventually will if you haven’t already.)

The real beauty of design is it can be made to appeal both to your target audience and the masses in its unique way. Fun little design is universally appealing.

It’s the little things in life, ya know?


Stay Positive & Out With The Standard, In With The Design


Garth Beyer

Garth Beyer is a Madison-based writer and Public Relations Strategist focused on telling stories, running through trend-making PR strategies and trying new things in life.

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