Not Right Doesn’t Mean You’re Wrong

Until It Resonates

You put a lot of work out into the world. You send a lot of emails. You pitch a lot of ideas.

Sometimes what you do doesn’t work. Sometimes it gets rejected. Sometimes you get fired from doing the work a second time around.

Just as a product isn’t made for every person, nor is the work you do.

That book you wrote? It might not be for the person who read it and joked that you shouldn’t quit your day job. The latest report you gave to your boss and she said to redo it? It might not have been wrong, it just wasn’t right for her.

That’s not to say there’s nothing there for you to learn, but there’s no sense in feeling defeated, in hiding, in letting the feedback stop you from putting yourself out there again.

Eventually someone’s going to jive with your work. You just need to let eventually happen by showing up until it does.


Stay Positive & Some People’s Perceived-Trash…

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