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Not a get together goes by that I don’t get my mind blown with a story someone shares.

A personal story. Something it had taken an hour or so (and maybe a beer or two) for them to be comfortable enough to share.

And time and time again, that story resonated either with me, with others in the group or even someone eavesdropping.

Once you put your story out there, it’s incredible how you can go from thinking you’re isolated, that you’re the only one who thought something or did something a particular way, to connecting with another (or an entire group) who has felt or acted the same.

There are more people out there like you than you think. So, what does this mean for you? Fight the comfort of keeping the truth to yourself.

You’re not only hurting yourself, but you’re doing equal damage to those who fear sharing their feelings in case those around them don’t feel the same. (You remember how good it felt when someone said “Really? Me too!”)

Alas, this has nothing to do with being an extrovert, but everything to do with realizing how easy it is for people to connect once a story is shared.


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