The Story We’re Telling

Story We Tell Ourselves

The story we’re telling is not always the story we want to hear.

Nor is it the story other people think we’re telling.

The story we’re telling is personal, subjective and often unexplainable.

But … it is rooted in one of our core needs.

If you want to better understand the story those around you are telling themselves, don’t try to fill their shoes or play the game of situational analysis; instead try to fill their needs, desires, and dreams.

It might not reveal the full story, but it’s better than a shot in the dark.


Stay Positive & After All, It Always Boils Down To Fear And Love

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Good And Bad Things

Good And Bad Things

So quickly we take good things for granted. That once they happen, it’s onto bigger and better.

On the flip side, so quickly we spend copious amounts of our time on the bad things. That once they happen, we’re stuck.

Of course good and bad things will happen, but we have the choice of whether we wrestle or enjoy them … and for how long.


Stay Positive & That’s A Good Thing By The Way

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The Process Today


We’re suckers for process. Habits. Rituals.

On the daily, we work to establish routines, ways of working with others that we hope will work for the entirety of the project (and, if we do it right, works for future projects, too).

The caveat few realize and act on is the fact those people are growing, learning and trying new things at the same time we are. In other words, we’re all growing in different ways every day.

What this implies is that the process you established today, though it worked, might not function tomorrow.

That being said, growing pains can be good if we let them be.


Stay Positive & The Best Way To Work With Ever-changing Processes? Connect With The Person

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Your Focus Vs Your Could Be Focus


Imagine you’re a manager of a project. You were just told you made a huge mistake on the project and needed to fix it right away.

Now imagine one version where you focus on your mistake, the strong words from your boss and the disappointment from your team.

Now imagine another version where you focus on getting back on track, making it better than expected, bringing the team together and rallying.

Which version do you think you’ll make a greater impact with?

Where you put your focus has a huge influence on where you actually go (and often that you actually go). Both versions feel the sting of the mistake, but one puts focus on what moves them forward.

It’s not easy and that’s why so few do it, but damn is the reward worth it when you do.


Stay Positive & You Decide What You Focus On

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Obvious Intention


In a world of 140-character thinking, it’s easy to pick up on a brand’s intention.

Click-bait language is clear that they’re measuring clicks.

Noting when content is sponsored expresses the intention of building trust and being transparent.

A giveaway is clearly about engagement and learning more about the target so the brand can speak more directly to them in future messaging.

Next time your reviewing creative, copy, any tactic … consider what your intention behind it is.

The consumer’s going to see it one way or another.

Better to have it align with what you truly stand for.


Stay Positive & Down With Vanity Metrics

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Too Big To Handle

Bigger Than It Seems

Making things seem worse than what it they are is a habit of most.

After all, the worse the situation, the more it makes sense to hide, to avoid it, to say it’s untameable.

Making it seem worse than what it is is a cop-out well worth avoiding. Here’s how: Anytime you think something has gotten too big to handle, give it the five-minute test. Give it your complete attention and energy for five straight minutes and see what happens.


Stay Positive & 5 Minutes To Learn How Little It Is

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