Episode 22: Stealing Ideas, Working With Narcissists, Making Art For Yourself And More – Podcast

Episode 22: Stealing Ideas, Working With Narcissists, Making Art For Yourself And More – Podcast

On this episode of In The Box Podcast, we took a stab at answer questions about making art for others or for yourself, one way to gain clarity when faced with a decision between two options, why people fear their ideas getting stolen, one way to handle a heavier workload (likely due to a promotion) and what to do when engaging with a narcissist. Enjoy.

Episode 22: Stealing Ideas, Working With Narcissists, Making Art For Yourself And More

Art – Make art for self or others?

Decisions – One way to gain clarity when confused about making a decision?

Stolen – Should people fear their ideas being stolen?

Responsibility load – What is one way to handle being given more responsibility (think like getting a promotion)?

Bonus – One way to deal with interacting with a narcissist?


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“Can Do, Will Do”

What you can expect when someone says “Can do, will do”: thoughtful questions that help them do it right, no plea for more bandwidth to do it, no complaints, that they’ve got the basics down and you don’t need to train them, and motivation to please you (perhaps overdeliver).

From my experience delegating tasks, those who respond with the affirmative also teach me something along the way too.

Surround yourself by “can do, will do” attitudes and you’ll not only offer opportunities for growth to others, you’ll learn a thing or two as well.


Stay Positive & As Is The Art Of A Mentor/Mentee Relationship

It Should Go Without Saying

(Great) marketers read about so many remarkable events, products, strategies from a variety of genres and from all over the globe because it helps them get closer to greatness.

Just as the motto goes that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, your product/service’s greatness is the average greatness of the five brands you spend the most time with.

Nothing, not even creating something from nothing, will get you to greatness faster than surrounding yourself with examples of it.

What are you reading? What’s something great you’ve come across? What’s remarkable?


Stay Positive & Keep Note Of What Makes A Brand Great


Reasons are at the heart of all remarkable marketing.

“Reasons” is a way to trip up novice marketers, though. “Reasons” implies rationality, a guided path backed by information – a map, if you will. These reasons have a place in the marketing strategy, but they’re not at the heart of it.

The real reasons are feelings.

We are going to do A. Reason being? Because A makes them feel like a mother who is doing what’s right for her children.

We are going to run with B. Reason being? Because B makes them feel elated that they’ve accomplished something off their bucket list.

The best reasons are the reasons that evoke emotion and satisfy the motivations of the customer.


Stay Positive & Stop Telling Them Why They Should Buy, Start Showing How They Can Feel What They’ve Wanted To For So Long

The Resonating Power Of A Leap

We’re not as fascinated with the art work of Michelangelo, of the writing of Ray Bradbury, of the marketing prowess of Zig Ziglar as we think we are.

It is the leap they took to create what they did that stands out to us. They had to risk a lot. They had to face the possibility of complete rejection and epic failure. They had to go forth with the constant thought of what they were doing may not work, may not be accepted by the public, may not have an impact.

There is so much fear we know they felt, so much risk they took – we know they took huge leaps because we can feel it.

That feeling of them leaping is what fascinates us. It’s what makes them and their work remarkable

Are you allowing your audience to feel the power of your leap?


Stay Positive & Leap And Leap Again Until They Can Feel The Power Of It

Amplify The Good

A lot of energy goes into customer service: fronting complaints, fixing problems, answering calls. All good stuff, of course, but I’m fascinated with reasons why (rather the lack of reasons) there isn’t a customer service division for amplifying the good.

I’m crafting a training deck at the moment for a client to train them how to ask for testimonials, especially after satisfying a complaining customer. What better time to ask then when you’ve made things right, when you’ve exceeded expectations, when you’ve given more than your job requirement states you should?

Michael and I have talked a lot about delighting customers on our podcast, this is just one more way. Pulling from an analogy by B. Jiwa, by amplifying the good we’re finding ways to fill buckets with water instead of fighting fire with empty buckets.


Stay Positive & Nurture Those Post-Positive Moments

When You’re At A Loss For New Content

Not sure what to put on a billboard? I’m sure your customers can help like the iPhone 6 users did.

When in brainstorming sessions for advertising and marketing tactics and strategies, I always ask, “how can we hold a mirror up to the consumers and have them tell their story instead of us telling ours?” Because they should be the same, right?

Another way to word it, how can we show our customers off?


Stay Positive & Much More Effective Than Trying To Show The Product Off