The (Potentially Sad) Truth About Motivating Material

Finding Motivation

Most books you’ll read won’t lead you to action.

You may think of many ideas that you ought to take action on, but you won’t. You may feel energized and ready to tackle a new project, but you’ll do it…tomorrow.

Motivation isn’t the feeling of being invincible or able to achieve your wildest dreams, that’s just imagination. By definition, motivation is the feeling that precedes action.

It’s with that fact that I can confidently say that very few books are truly motivating.

It begs the question though. Is it the author who can’t write motivating content or is it the person who wants the feeling of motivation without the emotional weight of doing something that scares them?


Stay Positive & It Happens To The Best Of Us

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The Obvious Has Been Fixed

Level Up

We don’t know what we don’t know.

Every day I interact with products and services that blow my mind because I never thought I needed or could benefit from what they were offering. Millions of people every day wake up with the goal of making something better.

In the past, they used to make things better for themselves. Someone got tired of wiping the snow off their windshield while driving, so he invented windshield wipers. Now, however, the obvious has been fixed.

Now it requires a whole lot more effort and focus on what others are experiencing. It’s noticing how to make processes smoother, products more user-friendly, and people to actually care about the windshield wipers they use.

Now it’s about focusing on others, less on ourselves.


Stay Positive & Time To Level up

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Getting People On Board

Big Picture

On the path to creating remarkable work, you’ll be accomplishing the feat with others, but unless a person co-thought the idea with you, they’ll require on boarding.

The logistical process may be different by project or by company, but what stands true no matter where or what you’re working on is that you must define the big picture for those you’re on boarding.

Simply stated: The big picture is a way to communicate the goal and the reason for it so those who are new to the idea can begin motivating themselves. It requires you to step back and answer “What is it we’re really doing? And what for?”

I’ve written before that there is no map, but that’s not to say you can’t manifest a guiding light.


Stay Positive & All Aboarrrd

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Shared Excitement And Energy

Sharing The Excitement

Yawns are contagious.

So is negativity, a cootie, and a smile…

More contagious than a smile, though, is the energy you bring in the room that everyone feeds from, assimilates to, and seems to duplicate.

Every project you work on can be exciting to work on, but that’s only part of the overall energy. The other half is the energy those you’re working with have about it. Are they as excited as you?

Whether you know it or not (you do now), your energy and excitement about a project influences the excitement and energy of those you’re working with.

Keep that in mind next time you enter a room with colleagues. You’re not the only one there and you’re not the only one your attitude and energy levels influence.

It’s incredible the level that you can bring a project up to when you bring the contagious excitement.


Stay Positive & Bring Out The Best In Others By Bringing It Out In Yourself

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Feeling Understood

Feeling Understood

Connecting with a fan, igniting a feeling that they’ve been understood – it used to be a surprise and delight tactic for brands.

Marketing used to be one-way. A brand would yell, mass market and blanket an audience with advertisements and that one moment you got to speak to a human or that time they started with “we listened and…” was special.

Now it’s a given. It’s expected. It’s the entry fee to a loyal fan.

If you can’t get your target to feel that they are being understood (and it’s not something you can fake), then there’s no way you’ll make it.


Stay Positive & What Are You Doing To Make Your Target Feel Understood?

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Longer Than Others

The Long Run

Those you look up to might have a routine of putting out great content and starting incredible businesses, but there’s a guarantee that one day they’ll forget/stop/giveup/switch/pause.

And then the question is if you will be established by then? Will you have kept up with them? Will you be a brand that’s worth their followers switching to?

Many get intimidated by the competition and think they’ll just hold off until the leaders step down, but the trick to becoming the leader is establishing yourself as one before anyone begins looking for you.

More importantly, you merely need to hold out longer than others.


Stay Positive & Are You In It For The Long Run?

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Not The Person You Were Looking For

Storyteller Marketing

Many times on your pursuit of doing what makes you happy, you’ll run into people who you didn’t intend to run into.

You’ll be looking for the President of an organization and get their receptionist. You’ll call for an editor, but get one of their reporters. You will market your business to one target, but another will come knocking on your door.

The big question is:

Will you be ready when they raise their hands, call your phone, knock on your door?

Turns out the only way to get good at talking about your crazy idea (and if it’s not crazy, you might consider thinking up a new one), is to talk to as many people about it.

Not critics, not your family, but people who have also pursued or are currently pursuing a big idea. Talk to anyone who will listen intently. Set up meetings, introduce yourself, reach out and connect with area business owners.

Do this, because before you can turn your idea into a reality, you’ll have to sell the story of it, and, guaranteed, you’ll come across people you weren’t looking for, but who will want to hear what you’re thinking. Are you prepared to tell your story off the cuff?


Stay Positive & You’re A Storyteller Now, Start Telling

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