Getting Better

Getting Better

When there’s downtime, you may want to relax, keep to your comfort zone, maybe your lizard brain motivates you to clean your inbox and complete some busy-work.

That’s no way to get better.

Nor is looking to others that are on or near your level. Doing what they do, offering to help them with their workload since you’ve completed yours keeps you from getting better. You may be able to do your work quicker and stronger, but you’re not doing bigger more remarkable work.

One seamless path to getting better is to look to what those way ahead of you are doing and do that. If you see them going to meetings with potential clients to talk about their business, schedule some yourself.

If you see them crafting a message strategy for a big brand, craft one too and run it by them. “Hey, I saw you were working on a message strategy for the local brewery. Here’s something I came up with in my downtime.”

The only way to get better is to

  1. Do things you’ve never done before
  2. Take actions that scare you
  3. Play outside your comfort zone
  4. Use downtime to get better

By all means, if someone asks you for help, do the right thing. But if you’re wondering what to do with your downtime, don’t spend it doing what you always do. Invest it in something different, something better.


Stay Positive & Don’t Wait To Be Asked, Pick Yourself

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The Easiest Part Of A Business Plan

Brand Story

I encourage those writing a business plan to do the marketing last. Takes notes of all the ideas you ponder while working on the rest of the plan, but spend your energy on your story instead of your marketing.

Doing so shifts the business, your mentality and your customer base.

It goes from being a business that needs to advertise to a business that it’s customers will talk to others about. It goes from a series of publicity events for awareness to being a brand that fits perfectly into the story customers are telling themselves.

The most important part of the business plan is the business itself; it’s the source of every signal, every communication, touch, feeling, newsletter, email, receipt…

Frame your scarcity and paint it with value. In doing so, you create a business that markets itself and the “marketing” portion of your plan is just for fun, it’s not out of necessity.


Stay Positive & Start With Your Brand Story

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Be-Longing For

Belonging To

It’s apparent that marketers sell hope, but to know what kind of hope to sell is the real challenge.

Smart marketers ask and wonder and amuse the idea of what people are longing for.

Is it that they’re longing to be looked up to by their peers? Is it a mother who longs for her husband to say how much he appreciates her cooking a meal? Is it an artist longing for his parents to approve his career choice?

Smarter marketers, however, take it a step further by adding an element of connection.

The smartest marketers ask where the target wants to belong? What’s the group dynamic like? What is the hope that will be a group of like-minded people together?

It’s far more rewarding to build a tribe than it is to get a single sale that leaves a person feeling alone.


Stay Positive & Where Do You Belong?

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Why Humility Is Important


It goes without saying humility connects us to each other, but what about when no one is around. What about when humility isn’t a shared experience.

Here’s why humility is so important.

Each day we face decisions and situations that we’re afraid of.

What if you were to write down “I’m afraid of…” and to finish the sentence (however many times it takes). What if you forced yourself to put your fears onto paper.

It’s clear what you would read back to yourself would be ridiculous. You would laugh at yourself for believing or thinking such things could happen. You would embrace humility.

Seizing your insecurities and laughing at them is one of the best actions you can take to doing work that’s important, and by that, I mean doing that which you fear.


Stay Positive & Solo Humility Is Essential To Conquering Fears

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At Least

Feeling Fulfilled

The worst part of the end of the day is looking back and feeling like you didn’t do anything, didn’t accomplish anything. For all the world cares, you gave nothing of value. It’s a harsh reality that many of us go to bed feeling unfulfilled.

That’s why I have an “at least” task each day.

What’s the one thing that if I at least did that, I could look at my day and feel good about myself, my self-worth, my contribution to this thing we call life.

It need not be big or small, it just needs to be.

For example, mine, today, is to enroll in an online course I’ve put off. I’m not getting lost in the details of completing a task within the course or engaging with the greater group or even watching the first video, partially because all of that is inevitable once I enroll, but partially because what speaks to our fears is the details of pursuing something meaningful that leads to vulnerability that leads to the lizard brain speaking up that leads to anxiousness that leads to inaction that leads to going to bed feeling dissatisfied with ourselves.

What’s your one action for today? What will it take for you to go to bed, look back at your day and feel proud of yourself?


Stay Positive & It Only Needs To Be One Thing

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If You Want To Dislike Someone

Make A Connection Be Liked

The infamous Tony Magee said, “If you want to dislike someone, don’t get to know them.”

The same concept applies to being disliked.

If you want someone to dislike you, don’t let them get to know you.

Often times to make a connection with someone, we have to go out on a limb, be vulnerable, and make the first move.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

Those seeking a connection and those waiting for it.


Stay Positive & The World’s Short On One Of Those

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