What They Want To Know

Target Market

It’s easy to reel off reasons why a consumer ought to buy your product. We try and try to inform the customer what they want to know about our brand, but to no prevail.

In reality, we’re better off listening to where we fit in the story they’re telling themselves. How we fit into their beliefs, their worldviews, their cares.

Most often than not, a customer isn’t looking for a sleek appliance, isn’t looking for a convenience piece or a cheap product that saves them money.

They’re looking for a way to spend more time with their family. They’re looking for a conversation starter when they invite friends over. They’re looking to impress their friends because they care about prestige.

Emotions are everything.


Stay Positive & Invoke, Not Showcase

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Limited Brand Personality

Brand PersonalityThe lack of brand voice (if you don’t know what a brand stands for, sounds like, or what emotions they’re trying to invoke) is likely due to them working to be too many things.

You may want your brand to be friendly, honest, forward, passionate, quirky, funny, smart, driven, and so many more adjectives, but in doing so, you lose solidarity, you begin to try to be all things for all people. Your brand voice becomes a blur.

Pick four different but complimentary brand nature words. Be specific. Be human.

When you ask a friend what another person is like, do they run off an entire list of adjectives? Or do they say just a few? “Oh, she’s poignant, strong-willed, skilled and a bit goofy.”

Make your brand more human.


Stay Positive & Limited Leads To Limitless

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New Marketing

New MarketingNew marketing demands big ideas: ideas that turn heads, that make people question, that get people talking.

New marketing requires the story to start right now, not after a package is opened.

New marketing forces the big idea to be embedded into the entire experience.

New marketing is about influencing the world around the marketer, not the other way around.

New marketing is about jumping in when everyone else takes a step back to what they know.


Stay Positive & New Marketing Exists… If You Want It To

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When Routines Work And When They Don’t

Routines That Work

Routines can be the gateway to ruts.

Routines close the doors to creativity, to opportunity, to new ways of thinking.

Yet, time and time again, routines tend to work. Tend to set you up to prosper in other areas, tend to remove grogginess, tend to promote efficiency.

Here are some ways I’ve seen routines work and some ways they don’t.


  • Setting yourself up for sleep ex: reading, peeing, brushing teeth, lights out
  • Waking up energized ex: going to sleep and waking up at the same time every night
  • Meditation/yoga ex: establishing a trigger to simplicity and relaxedness
  • Self check-ins ex: asking yourself what good you’ve done today every evening

Doesn’t Work

  • Your way of thinking about work ex: we’ve always done the pitch deck this way
  • Relationships with significant other, co workers, family, clients ex: there’s no surprise or delight
  • The way you exercise ex: you’re bound to miss out on physical balance if you stick to routine
  • Weekly meetings ex: routine meetings that go the same way each week

The takeaway here is establishing a quality routine at the start of the day and the end of it is critical. What happens in-between is meant to stretch your mind, your skills, and be where you can make your creative impact.


Stay Positive & What Will You Do Differently? Do The Same?

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Episode 37: Cutting Corners, Storytelling, Reasons And More

Episode 37: Cutting Corners, Storytelling, Reasons And More

On this episode of In The Box Podcast, we chat about what it means to cut corners, the change in the live chat scene, controlling your story that public focuses on telling, if everything happens for a reason and we participate in a quick riff on traditional education.

Episode 37: Cutting Corners, Storytelling, Reasons And More

Cutting corners – What’s one way to prevent yourself from cutting corners?

Live chat – What do you think of the chat scene taking podcasts, meetings and even conferences?

Storytelling – How much should one worry about controlling the public narrative of their life?

Reason – Does everything happen for a reason?

Bonus – Is it better to go through a traditional education of learning then spend adulthood unlearning or is it better to grow up with a non traditional / alternative education?


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Making The Monotonous Work Easier

Monotonous Work

There’s a lot of mental tricks and gimmicks you can play to deal better with the grunt work we all have to do from time to time.

What I’ve seen to be the most effective, though, is that you still have a task or project that you’re energized about, passionate about and empowered by.

What ruins one’s work ethic is when the grunt work is all there is. Doing it becomes loads easier when we’re also working on something bigger.

In fact, forcing yourself to do banal tasks “when I could be working on this awesome project” might even bring your A-game up a notch.


Stay Positive & Install Work Variety In Your Project List

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From Good At Work To Remarkable

From Good To Remarkable

Being good at work is out-dated and every day another business (small or large) is realizing they’ll do better with remarkable workers and not simply those who are good at their job. This leaves you with two options.

Do you stay with the job description you were given, the task list you’ve memorized? Do you show up on time? Do what the boss asks you to do, perhaps a little quicker than the boss has asked? Do you speak up at meetings because it’s your responsibility to say something? Do you stay until you’re pushed out?

Or do you become remarkable? Do you find a new way to make an impact and add to your job description? Do you quickly do the essential tasks not so you can go home early but so you have time to try something new, maybe fail, maybe get embarrassed? Do you become remarkable?

Yes, doing a good job will get you a paycheck and possibly a little praise for a while, and if you want to become remarkable, you can. It only requires you to begin thinking about the big picture and the dent you can make in it. It requires you to analyze your world view and define your calling.

For those who keep getting rejected, who can’t get the job they want, who don’t know why they haven’t gotten a job offer, it’s likely because the brand, agency, business, leader got smart and isn’t looking for someone who can do a good job anymore. They want someone remarkable.

Instead of settling on the first thing you can get or staying at the job you’re at until you’re kicked out, I wonder why you wouldn’t become remarkable?


Stay Positive & Become Your Potential

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