What’s Your Philosophy?

Business Philosophy

I toured a businesses establishment yesterday and listened to one of the founders tell the story of her and her husband’s business.

It went in this order: Date they pursued their dreams, how they got the funding, their philosophy for being in business and how they’re acting on that philosophy.

It was a short story. No longer than 5 minutes.

After, guests were going up to her complimenting her on the philosophy.

It made me wonder: How many loyalists did she just create?

It’s also worth noting that when she shared how she’s acting on the philosophy, she also shared how she has very little respect for other businesses that don’t hold a similar philosophy. She not only defined who the “insiders” were, but distinctly showcased who the “outsiders” were.

Have you?


Stay Positive & Own Your Philosophy

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Being Ready

Being Ready

One reason people reach success later than sooner is because they’re not ready when the opportunity strikes.

But, maybe it’s just that way of thinking.

People talk about luck and good timing like they are rare moments that we wait for.

I don’t believe either happen unprovoked.

You have to be taking some type of action to cause a response that works in your favor.

Sending an email asking about your potential for a promotion and receiving one back saying, “Let’s talk, I think we can make it happen” isn’t about good timing or fortune.

You’ve designed the opportunity since you had the idea of a promotion.

Being ready isn’t so much about getting the skills and then waiting for luck or coincidence; it’s about creating opportunities, putting yourself out there, and making remarkable moments happen.

We’ve been look at being ready wrong.

It’s no longer “Wait your turn.” It’s “Pick yourself.”



Stay Positive & Make Your Own Luck And Good Timing

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That Way

Asking Why

It doesn’t make much sense to continue doing what you’re doing without asking why you’re doing it that way.

For all you know (but are unaware of until now), you may be doing it that way because it was always done that way.

Red flag.

Or you may be doing it that way because you’re following the recipe given to you.

Red flag.

Or you may be doing it that way because you’re afraid of failure.

Red flag.

Each task you take upon yourself, can you sincerely answer why you’re doing it that way? Does answering the question make you care more? Does it make rational and emotional sense?

If it doesn’t…. Red flag.


Stay Positive & Go Ahead, Ask, Why Are You Doing It That Way?

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There’s Always A Sequel

A Better Version

It’s helpful to realize that the products and services you’re using are not what the creator first shipped.

The browser you’re reading this on, for example, is not the first version of the browser.

The most successful products and services you can think of are very likely on their 20th, 50th or 400th version.

It’s best not to waste your energy worrying about making your first idea perfect.


Stay Positive & It’s Better To Invest Your Energy In A Sequel

Afterthought: I edited this post 9 times. Not even this post is the first version. And it’s definitely not the greatest post. But tomorrow I write a sequel. Will it be better? We’ll see.

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Momentum Is An Appearance


Momentum is quite possibly one of the harshest realities one has to face.

The fact is momentum is never truly achieved; it’s only perceived.

When you look at this graph, it appears whatever it is measuring has gained momentum.

The reality is whatever is causing the increase is causing it because it’s showing up, working, producing, giving, sharing, caring, doing.

Those who strive for momentum head down a tragic path because they assume that momentum will make things easier for them, that they can glide or build off the energy behind them, but the reality is they must keep showing up, keep being vulnerable, keep shipping their work if they want to succeed.

Momentum won’t make things easier, it only makes things look like they’re easier.

But I suppose there is something comforting in that.


Stay Positive & It’ll Never Be Easier, But It Will Always Be Worth It

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Expecting To Know How

Knowing How

You can read as much material as you want, watch as many how-to videos as you want and analyze the result as much as you want, but you will feel severely let down when you try the project yourself and fail.

Research builds confidence and confidence creates an expectation of knowing how, but then the struggle sets in of actually doing.

It’s worth accepting that failure (or practice, if you will) is the essential piece to knowing how.

Experience is what sets an expectation on the path toward reality.

Knowledge sets an expectation on the path toward disappointment.

Yes, do the reading. It will help. But don’t let a first, second or third fall make you stop.


Stay Positive & Dust Yourself Off And Get More Experience

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