Forbid The Fluster


When you’re randomly picked.

When you are public speaking.

When you need to present your idea.

When you’re opening yourself up to feedback.

Take a deep breath.

Nothing will keep you from being flustered as much as a deep breath or two.

Breathe even if you think you’ll look weird doing so. You’ll look a lot less weird than if you’re up there flustered.


Stay Positive & Breathe

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The Reason Things Take Time

It Takes Time

The reason things take time is because people take time.

It takes time to build trust and to get on the same page as another person, let alone more than a thousand people or a million.

It takes awhile of being around someone where you can start to work as a team and not get in the way of one another.

It takes time for customers to meet with 10 different friends and refer you to them.

There is no complete shortcut of time, but there is enjoying the journey more than the other guy.


Stay Positive & It Starts With Acceptance, Of Course

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If You Wait For The Challenge

Challenge Yourself

When you have a challenging client, they push you to be better, to put yourself in their shoes, to ask (and answer) questions you would never think of asking (or answering).

In rising to the challenge, you build skills that will help you in future interactions, in other work situations and life, in general.

But what if your client, boss, coworker, spouse, friend, parent, neighbor and internet troll don’t challenge you?

The worst part about waiting for the challenge, is that it might not come.


Stay Positive & Seek The Challenge (Or Challenge Yourself)

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Making It A Memorable Experience


It’s all about the experience, isn’t it?

Every owner cares about their guests having a remarkable experience.

Every server wants the customer to leave having had a wonderful experience.

Every internet retailer wants the package drop off to go off without a hitch because of the experience.

Subtle additions to a moment is what turns it into an experience. Doing things differently for each repeat order is what makes it an experience. Surprising and delighting at every opportunity is what makes it a memorable experience.

You don’t need to overdo an experience, you only need to tweak it ever slightly for it to be seen as different from the time before, thus making it memorable.


Stay Positive & Experience Truly Is Everything

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