The Numbers And Loyalty Game

Numbers Game

When beginning any endeavor, it’s worth asking how much is enough?

How many blog readers is enough? How many customers? How many subscribers?

What many entrepreneurs miss is that there are a few ways of calculating it out.

The default setting for most is to reach for the masses. If you get 180,000 spending a minimum amount, you’ll succeed. If you get 50,000 unique visitors a month, your ego will be satisfied.

But what if all those customers who spend the smallest amount, never come back?

Chances are they won’t.

What about the unique visitors? How many come back the next month?

Likely not even a tenth no matter how great of a site you have.

It’s sort of crazy when you begin calculating the numbers and loyalty game.

For a business I’m starting, I could calculate that I need more than 1,200 people in per week spending a small amount to make a profit or (!) I could calculate that I need to delight 150 people enough that they come three times per week and spend above average.

While it’s true that regulars make or break most businesses; it’s also about the story your telling.

The Washington Post thrives on loyal readers. The pop-up artist on Main Street, not so much.

The brand impression would crumble if all WP cared about was getting a new reader and the pop-up artist tried getting 100 people to travel everywhere she goes to buy more of her art.

The math you decide to do is important. Are you playing the numbers game or the loyalty game?


Stay Positive & Neither Is Wrong, But Not Knowing Which You’re Doing Is

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If You Wait Long Enough

Stop Waiting

If you wait long enough, you might get your big break. You might get picked. You might get your name thrown into the mix or showcased in a top publication or mentioned on Twitter.

It might happen if you wait long enough.

Any waiting, though, is too much waiting.

Every moment waiting is a moment you could have shared something remarkable, worked toward making a bigger impact and been there for someone who needs you now, not later.

What if you didn’t wait? What if you chose yourself?

What if you looked at every day as your big break?


Stay Positive & Waiting Is For Amateurs

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The Argument That Matters

Marketing With Empathy

Many don’t want to do the hard work of marketing because it requires that one turns off a default setting we have when making an argument.

We all know that it’s tough to convince someone of something if we merely share why we believe in it. The worldviews don’t align that way. It keeps us disconnected to share only our opinion, but we keep the satisfaction of personal authority when we tell it how it is.

That’s the default setting. And it almost never works, not in the long-term anyway.

Marketing done right is marketing done by listening; by setting our worldviews aside to have empathy; by telling ourselves the story the person we’re talking to is telling themselves.

It feels uncomfortable, like we shouldn’t try–like it’s their story, not ours.

It’s better they come to our side, right?

It’s not that marketers aren’t trustworthy, it’s that they (you know, the great ones) are so empathetic that it’s often hard to know exactly where they are coming from and why you feel like you trust them and how you can feel so understood by someone.

It’s scary and a bit uncomfortable, but that’s vulnerability and how you know they actually care.

When you can meet another in their field, what you have to say ceases to be an argument and becomes an epiphany that you each can bond over.

Far more powerful, in my opinion, then there being a winner and a loser.


Stay Positive & Arguments Are Passé Anyway

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Your Paid To Think

Your Thinking Matters

You don’t need to wait until you have a signed contract or estimate to begin thinking.

You don’t need to wait for “the next big thing” to happen either.

Nor do you need to wait for your business to get on the latest social platform.

Your thoughts are your most powerful tool to get all you want: promotion, client, business…

Don’t wait until it’s in front of you to start thinking about it.

Start now so that when it is in front of you, you’re already ahead of it.

Whether it’s in your job title or not, you’re being paid to think.

Whether it’s 9:30 p.m. at night or 4:30 a.m., you’re being paid to think.

You might not see it reflected in your bank account now, but you will.


Stay Positive & Think More, Deeper, Smarter

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The Real Work Hasn’t Started

It'll Always Be Worth It

Believe it or not, this is the easiest part.

What you thought was a struggle yesterday or what you think is a challenge this week … it’s not the hardest part.

The feedback you’ve recently gotten? You’ll be given harsher feedback in the future.

The gap you leaped last year? This year’s gap is even wider.

It never gets easier. Not as long as you’re pushing yourself to be better.

The beauty of the real work is that it hasn’t started yet. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

All the more reason to not let the trips and criticisms slow you down now.


Stay Positive & Consider It Practice For What’s To Come

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Who Is Telling Your Story

Choosing Staff

When it comes to your staff–if they’re not as passionate about your story as you, they’re not doing you any favors.

In fact, they’re lowering the bar of your business. Your value is suffering.

If you have to close your shop for a few days to find the right person to hire. Do so.

It’ll hurt you more to hire someone on a whim so you can stay open.

Worse yet is hiring someone for the long-term who isn’t excited by why your business exists.

The worst salesperson for a carpet company is the one who says that they leave their carpet at home filthy and buy the cheaper stuff from the other guys.

The worst bartender you can hire is the one who tells customers “I don’t like beer.” (Literally experienced this at what was supposed to be a stellar craft beer bar in Chicago this weekend. Think I’ll be going back? Nope.)

You don’t need to find the Miss America of staff, but you do need to find someone with a spark of care, of generosity and of passion … then help fuel it.

Just as there are customers you shouldn’t keep as customers, there’s staff you’d be better off without.


Stay Positive & We Need You To Choose Better Staff More Than You Need The Staff

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