Brainstorms actually deserve the name Emotionstorms if you do them right.

A successful brainstorm requires you to put out half-baked ideas to people who you think will judge you (and hey, they might! But you share anyway.)

Brainstorms are effective when everyone in the room is vulnerable; when someone speaks up at the same time they feel like they might be wrong.

Brainstorms are emotionally exhausting, but perpetually rewarding.

You can lighten the pressure by thinking about how one of your ideas may get chosen or how what you say might inspire someone else to think of a remarkable idea–these situations make you feel good, as if putting yourself out there was worth it.

However, reality is still uncomfortable. Putting in the emotional labor is uneasy. Thinking of ideas you’ve never thought of, don’t know how they would truly work–all the while worrying about what others are thinking about you will always be taxing.

But you have to show up. We need you to.


Stay Positive & It’s Not A Successful Brainstorm Unless You Leave Emotionally Drained

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Needs And Problems

Needs And Problems

There’s a key difference between needs and problems.

A problem might be not having the software to balance your business’s budget. A problem might be getting product from point A to point B.

We need businesses that solve problems, but more importantly we desire businesses that fulfill our needs.

A need for communication, community, or connectedness. Needs are universal truths that we all desire (but acquire in different ways). A sense of belonging or something worth working for.

No solution to a problem is long-lasting unless it also fulfills a need.


Stay Positive & Break It Down: What Problems Are You Solving? What Needs?

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Time Traveling Back

Studying Mistakes

One of the most helpful questions to ask a fellow entrepreneur or marketer is that if they could go back in time, what would they do differently?

Curiously, the only way they know the answer to the question is if they had studied their mistakes. If they’ve recognized moments in time where they made a poor decision.

Every mistake is an entrepreneurs strongest asset on her path to creating something remarkable.

When you take the time to study them, your chances of success multiply again and again.


Stay Positive & What Was Your Last Mistake? What Did You Learn From It?

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Uncomfortable Conversations

Uncomfortable Conversation

Uncomfortable conversations aren’t nearly as uncomfortable when you compare them to the ones you’ll have down the line if you don’t have them now.

Partnership agreements need to be made.

Employees need to be fired.

Your significant other needs to know how much you’re willing to sacrifice to get where you’re going.

Better to have them now.



Stay Positive & Communicate Early (And Often)

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The Exchange

Buying And Selling Promises

When you make a purchase, you’re buying so much more than what is in front of you.

You’re buying trust and a story you tell yourself (and subsequently others).

To an extent, you’re buying a promise.

Are you confident then in what you’re selling?

The promises you’re making?

The value you’re marketing?


Stay Positive & Make The Promise, Then Make It Bigger

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Marketing The Wrong Value

Storytelling Value

Each customer has a story they are telling themselves.

One of the most common marketing failures is the incorrect communication of value or in other words how one’s service or product fits within the target’s story.

In the long run, it’s not worth trying to bring every flavor, color, style forward in hopes that you’ll get lucky and tell the right story. Better to listen to the customer until you know what their value is. Then share it.


Stay Positive & Listen Listen Listen

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Heart On Your Sleeve

Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Some think there’s a fault in always wearing your heart on your sleeve.

When it comes to creating remarkable work, I think it’s a vital place to have it.

The problem isn’t making yourself vulnerable, it’s letting your feelings stop you from creating more work. Not everyone will love what you’ve got, but that’s no reason to stop giving it your all.


Stay Positive & Get Vulnerable Daily

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