The Reputation Sprint

Long Term Reputation

When launching a new project, you can be quick to sprint, but it usually bites you in the ass because first expectations are tough to shake.

Launch a blog and write daily, followers will expect that in the future, and when you stop writing daily because it’s not really you–those who followed you will stop.

Create an Instagram account for your photos and pay a 3rd party service to like and comment others’ posts for you? Well, you’ll build your following quick, but you’ll be judged by the work you put out there and the frequency of it.

A business that churns out content, but only sends out one newsletter each quarter–well, that’s simply a disconnect.

Don’t worry about being everywhere all the time. Be there when you have something to say. Be there when it matters to those watching, waiting for you to show up and say “Hey, I made this.”

Reputation is simply about consistency of how and when you show up. Are you doing now what you will be doing five weeks, five months, five years from now? We hope.


Stay Positive & Reputation Is A Long Haul

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My Way Or The Highway

My Way Or Highway

Whoever said the highway was the worse of the two options?

Of course, it’s the worse choice to the one proposing it. Who wouldn’t like it their way? But that’s beside the point.

Anything worth doing is worth doing again and again, implying there’s a long haul of sorts. Synonymous: long ride, marathon, endeavor, and yes–taking the highway.

It’s less crowded than you think.


Stay Positive & You’re Driving

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Anything you do is contagious to a degree.

Clean your work space and get rid of odd and old knick-knacks and I’d put money on your partner or colleague then doing the same.

Have you noticed that when you arrive home happy, that your significant other tends to then be happy? And when you show up frustrated and curt, they mirror your emotions?

How about standing up for something you believe in, or speaking up about the work culture and what you hope it would be? Have you noticed that more workers within the company soon become more comfortable with sharing their views too?

Be the choir and you’ll never have to preach.

Understanding that what you say, do, or feel is contagious also makes for a remarkable gut check. Would you want those around you to say, do or feel what you’re about to? If the answer is yes. Say it. Do it. Feel it.


Stay Positive & We Need You To

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Tweak Your Way To Success

Tweak To Success

If you’ve failed (which is all a matter of perspective) or are nearing “failure” of any of your new year resolutions, consider this: a tweak toward a goal is still a success.

Tweak your workout to be five minutes of in-home jogging and stretching in place. Skip writing 2,000 words today and just write two sentences. It’s still progress.

The interesting element of action is that once you start, it’s infinitely easier to keep going. Sure, maybe you won’t reach that lofty goal in one sitting, but who cares? What matters is progress.


Stay Positive & Keep At It, Little By Little

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Narrating The Narratives Of Others

Narrating The Narrative

You can ask another if you could do what they are doing to get a greater understanding of their position, but you’ll likely miss the point.

You might learn the process, the task, what’s working and what’s not–but you won’t learn what they are thinking and feeling.

Consider the moment in a recent film or show that you began to speak outloud to the characters in the screen. “Don’t go in there! You idiot! Why would you do that?”

While the commentary might be annoying to those sitting beside you, it’s beneficial to you. You begin to answer your own question; why would they do that? What are they thinking that lead them to go in there? What were they feeling? What were they hoping to get out of going in there?

You have the power to do the same in the office in hopefully less anxiety-filled and fear-based situations. “Oh, you’re not answering my email! Why would you ignore it?” It’s a win-win when you begin exploring the narrative around the answer. You’ll learn how to connect stronger with another at the same time you let go of your original frustration.

There’s a reason. There’s always a reason and it’s almost always an emotional one, not a logical one. The quickest way to get there is to understand the narrative of others, and to let your own go.


Stay Positive & So What’s The Story They Are Telling Themselves?

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Advanced Thinking

Advanced Thinking

The brewer, software developer, and teacher think in advance of the future.

They look ahead to see that which what they want to create, the impact they want to make, the change they desire to be the force behind–then they do now only what will increase the chances of making that visualized future happen.

Advanced thinking isn’t about how quickly we can change someone’s behavior in this moment, right now; it’s about the long haul.

The future’s less crowded than the present. See you there?


Stay Positive & Gives Thinking Ahead A Fresh Meaning, Doesn’t It?

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