When Marketing Is Forced

Which Way

Forcing your ads where they are unwelcome is like turning the wrong way down a one way.

You’ll get noticed fast, but people will honk, they’ll say “what an idiot” and a few may even try to stop traffic so you can find your way out of their way. What kind consumers.

The next marketing strategy is to find intersections where you can place your message. Maybe one of these people driving through have to see it? The more people who do, the more effective the ad will be, right?

Turns out that those at an intersection are merely there because they’re on their way to something else, something that has already earned their attention, something they care about.

That doesn’t leave many options open, but maybe it’s less about finding a space and more about finding a flow?

The best kind of advertising strategy is the kind that either joins the one way (the ad is placed where it is welcome) or it makes a one way (people like us are doing this, join us if you want, but we’re definitely not for everyone, this is a one way road, not an intersection).

And if you’re trying to be all places to everyone, well, just forget about it. It won’t work. That’s like trapping yourself in a roundabout and you’re left wondering why no one is paying attention to you.


Stay Positive & The Target’s Way Is The One Way

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Oh The Platforms You Will Go

Crossposting On All Platforms

Oddly enough, there’s still a thought process regarding sharing content that started in 2015.

In 2015, everyone was creating content and the strategy about placement of that content was: put it everywhere.

Have a Q&A? Throw it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DevianArt, Ello, Flickr, Foursquare, Pinterest and, yes, Google+. Might as well convert it into a video and put it on YouTube and your website, too. What if you turned it into an infographic and put it out on every social platform, too? How about a news release, too? A by the number chart? Why not.

Distribution of content went across every platform, negligent of whether the target was actually there or cared.

And that’s where vanity metrics get us.

When we get a few likes on this platform and few views on that platform, we feel the need to continue pushing content on those platforms.

The reality is, most brands shouldn’t be on (insert social media platform here) regardless of the fact a few of their fans are there or because the brands have content they could convert to that platform.

Such as life, when you put time, energy and money into one thing, you’re also not putting time, energy and money into another thing.

It might seem like it’s only a few dollars, a little mental space and five minutes to convert content to a different platform, but day after day that adds up.

In the end, you could have used those resources to better connect with your fans where the majority actually are.

Be where your message will be welcomed, not forced.


Stay Positive & Definitely Don’t Do It “Because We Can”

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Doing Your Best Work

Your Best Work

If you don’t feel like you’re doing your best work, it’s worth asking if you want to be doing it.

Because the best work, the real best work, requires feeling like you’re taking risk.

It means you’ll be uncomfortable and, yea, fearful, too.

The truth they rarely tell you is that sometimes to get to doing your best work, you’ve gotta accept what comes with actually wanting it.

And, like that, you’re doing it.


Stay Positive & Go You

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Learning How To Build Wings

Build Your Wings On The Way Down

The best way to learn how to build wings is when you’re falling from sky.

The difference between building a real, physical, tangible set of wings and a metaphorical one is that with the metaphorical one, you have resources, people willing to help, and a fire in your belly to make it happen. It’s a beautiful thing.

In every journey from learner to doer, there comes a time when no more learning can be done at the edge, you have to leap, you have to fall from the sky and build your wings.

The paradox of course, is that falling out of the sky in a literal sense is that you’re guaranteed not to make it. The scary part about the metaphorical analogy is that you might.


Stay Positive & Leap Anyway

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Choose The Words Later

Products Speak For Themselves

We’re often quick to select the words we want our brands to represent and then work to make it represent them.

Better, I believe, to work on adding meaning to your brand, listen to what people are saying about it and then use those words.

The words we use to define our businesses are earned, not forced despite the effort we put in to make them so.


Stay Positive & What Are People Saying About You? Might Be Time To Own It

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How You’re Treated

Do The Work

To be respected as a brewmaster, you can’t just build one recipe, you must have brewed… a lot. You must have done the reading. You have to dump a lot of beer to earn the respect of a brewmaster.

To be recognized as a writer, you can’t just put a book out into the world. You have to show up and write daily. Attend writing workshops, submit for writing awards, and teach others.

Similar investments are needed for musicians, speech therapists, PAs, and pro billiard players.

To change (improve) how you’re treated in your industry, you have to put in the work, do the reading and share the learnings.

As Seth has written time and time again, if you haven’t done the reading, why expect to be treated as a professional?


Stay Positive & Yea, It Takes Time, So Does Everything Else

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