Who Is Doing The Doing


Marketing can be broken down into two philosophies.

The first is marketing what you want the customer to do. This could be about pushing them or it could be about giving to them; but in the end, you’re guiding, leading, and, dare I say it, manipulating what they will do.

The other thinking is marketing what the customer wants to do. It’s working backward after understanding the customers’ intention. It’s less about vanity tactics and more about understanding the target and making it as easy for them to tell the story they want about themselves.

Both methods will work, but one is going to be more exhausting than the other.


Stay Positive & Not To Mention, One Is Exactly What The Customer Wants

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Building Stamina

Building Stamina

I’m not sold on the idea of simply having stamina.

The difference maker in those who can be in something for the long run is that they are always building stamina.

The runner puts on music, she drinks water, she has a healthy breakfast, she wears a necklace from her grandpa who gave it to her during her first cross-country race in middle school, she has friends waiting to celebrate with her at the finish lineā€“the list of details that help her build stamina goes on.

How are you setting yourself up for a successful long run in your work, in your relationships?


Stay Positive & Start Building

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“No” At The Edge

What The Edge Does

When people ask you to do more for them, it might not be about getting more without paying for it. It might not be what they really want. They’re just in search of the edge; that point when they know they’ve taken something to the end. After all, it’s an incredibly exciting space to be at.

Even more incredible is the way those who are told “No, we’re not going to do that” are often ones who find a way to do it themselves, who start their own business muse, who say “Damnit, if you won’t and he won’t and the gal down the street won’t, I will!”

Saying “No” to customer requests can be seen as a benefit, too.


Stay Positive & Who Knew A “No” Could Be So Motivating

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What You Can Manage

Managing More

You can try to manage Brazil’s influence on your industry’s market in the states. You can write letters to legislatures and city folk with big pockets. You can even beg managing editors of big pubs to write a story about you.

Better, I think, to manage what you can with ease and care. Things like staying positive, treating customers better, over-delivering, showing up consistently, listening and making things better than before.


Stay Positive & Start Managing More Of The Right Stuff

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The Post That Helped Me Embrace Failure More

Embrace Failure

Let’s make one idea clear first: There’s one type of failure you never want to embrace, and it’s the failure of not trying.

The failures that are important are the ones that move you forward, that you learn from, that you get better because.

If you’re not convinced failure is a good thing, then take a look at it compared to success.

A friend wrote this to urge the universe, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. Enjoy.


Stay Positive & Fail Some More

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