“You’re On To Something”

Onto Something

It’s not worth your time trying to get it to perfect.

And getting everyone’s approval? Unnecessary.

Better to hear people say “You’re on to something here.”

That means you’re 1) Doing (something those who seek perfection often fear) and 2) On the edge (the place where “remarkable” is made.

Being on to something is a little risky. It might not work. The client might not dig it. It might not resonate with your intended audience.

But at least you tried putting something different out in the world. We have enough vanilla.


Stay Positive & I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Something Different

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Your Missing Ingredient

Ingredient Dreams Need

Before I share the ingredient, I must write that no meaningful endeavor can be fueled by this ingredient alone. Nor is it smart to start any journey with the ingredient.

That being said, it’s still vital, it’s necessary, it’s powerful at getting you from A to Z.

The ingredient is anger, maybe even resentment and a touch of wanting to prove to others you’re right (shame on them for doubting you).

If you’ve ever wondered what the purpose of the naysayer or the critic is; it’s not to make you stop moving forward, it’s not to shut down your idea–it’s to fuel your passion, drive your motivation and make you relentless when it comes to achieving your goal.

It pays to be pissed. Pissed at how the world currently is or that your best friend doesn’t think you can do it or how someone you sought help from advises you to quit.

Use that ingredient. Don’t let it use you.


Stay Positive & Souffle, Anyone?

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While You’ve Been Waiting On Perfect

Waiting For Perfection

You’re working hard on your project, no doubt.

But as you’re working to perfect it, others are doing wonderful things, magical, moving, inspiring, awesome, rad, life changing things.

And they’re doing them knowing they might not work, knowing they’re not perfect, maybe even just shipping and hoping what they’ve made is good enough.

Knowing something is perfect, takes all the magic out of it.

Just ship it.


Stay Positive & Uncertainty Is A Style

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Contagious Generosity

Contagious Generosity

What’s more contagious than a smile? Generosity.

When someone pauses their work, expands their narrow mind and sees those around them through a lens of selflessness and gratitude, they often come up with unique ways to be generous, to be playful, to make the day a bit better.

And then those they are generous to start wondering what they can do to make the day of those they’re working with better. And so on.


Stay Positive & You Could Be That Someone

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Style Or Story

Style And Story

Styles used to have their own cults.

High waist, bootlegged jeans used to be a style worn by a tribe of women who knew what made their appearance special was the style.

Then high waist, bootlegged jeans became commoditized. You could get them in target. Get them in the Gap. Get them at Wal-Mart. You didn’t need to search Vintage eBay retailers … you could find them on Amazon.

Nearly every style has followed suit.

Now what builds a tribe, what makes one feel special wearing a certain style isn’t the style, it’s the story.

The story of the brand name stitched on the waist. The story of the founder. The story the tribe of high waist-bootlegged-jean-wearing women tell themselves.


Stay Positive & Show Is Nothing Without Tell

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The Worker’s Playbook

The Worker's Playbook

There’s the Perfectionist Playbook that shows you everyone you should get feedback from before you hit publish.

There’s the Forward Playbook that shows you exactly how to work around the red tape to get it blessed and subsequently published.

There’s the Corner Playbook that shows you all the corners you can cut so you can get to hitting publishing quicker or forgetting about it entirely.

There are other playbooks … many, and more applications of them than getting work published.

That’s why it’s critical when you’re asking for someone’s help that you know which playbook you’re asking them to share a page out of with you.

“What do you think of this copy I wrote?” gets them to share a page of a very different playbook than “Who’s the one who needs to sign off on this?”

And “Who’s the one who needs to sign off on this?” is a different page than if you asked “How can we cut this in half?”

Make sure you’re asking the right questions to learn from the playbook you want.


Stay Positive & Hut Hut …

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The Kicker

The Kicker

There’s a piece of any article or post that’s called the kicker.

It’s typically at the end of a story and invokes a whole lot of emotion.

You need it not only to increase a person’s recall of what they’ve just read.

You need it not only to get those who skim to the end to be convinced to read the whole thing.

Truthfully, you need it to get someone to share what you’ve written. Anyone who feels emotionally satisfied at the end of an interaction is likely to pass that interaction along. Why?

Because it feels good to feel good. And it feels better to know you made others feel good.


Stay Positive & Go Ahead, Pass This Along

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