People Like Us Do Things Like This

THINGS like this

The beauty of the phrase “people like us, do things like this” is that it makes it easy to rationalize what to do as well as understand why others around you made the choice they did.

People like us wake up early in the morning.

And when your coworker leaves work early in the day? You can be upset or you can understand “people like us put family in front of our work.”

The deeper, more meaningful and beautiful part of the phrase, though, is the extension and connections it provides to who you are as a person.

Because people like us wake up early in the morning, we’re also more productive, feel more fulfilled and often tackle the toughest task of the day right away.

Turns out those who are generous, are often sincere, caring and inspiring, too.

People like us do things like this. Plural.


Stay Positive & People Like Us Choose Your Lifestyle Wisely

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