People Or Profit

People Or Profit

A business can’t be ethical, the same way it can’t self-implode.

A business exists to turn a profit, nothing more.

Certainly there are other reasons you may think it exists, but you would be wrong.

The business can’t exist for a shared passion. It can’t exist for world change. It can’t exist for getting people to try something new (unless that’s what makes it profitable).

However, the people within it tell a different story–they exist for other reasons beyond profit.

People can sacrifice the bottom line to do what’s right. They can strive to connect people and not sell anyone short. They can uphold ethics, fuel a shared passion and do the work that matters whether it turns a profit or not.

Alas, decisions need to be made.

You can shrug them off as a business decision or you can own them as personal ones.

In my experience, the people decisions hurt in the moment, but ultimately lead to profit in the long-run (so long as you maintain the stance).


Stay Positive & Let’s Stop Saying “It’s Not Personal, It’s Business”

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