Pivot Points And Slides

Pivot Points and Slides

Before you know it, your day is shot.

Work is backed up. People are waiting on you. You’re feeling overwhelmed.

It’s moments when you feel this way that you have to ask yourself, “how did I get here?”

The answer is probably a complicated one. A lot of things happened that you didn’t expect. Or things took longer than you had planned. Or something popped up. All valid.

But more often than not, it’s because you pivoted and went down a slide.

Call it a tipping point or a bad decision; you did something to disrupt the flow of your day.

Since getting back on track after you have gone downhill is so exhausting, better to acknowledge and mark your pivot points and slides.

What time of day do you usually get thrown off track? How can you prevent a pivot point like receiving a phone call while you’re in the middle of a project?

Focusing on one thing becomes a lot easier when you remove the possibility of focusing on anything else.


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