Planning For A Plan

Planning To Plan

The only guarantee about a plan is that it won’t work perfectly as planned.

No matter how much time you put into adding all the steps and organizing them in the right order, things will certainly go awry. However, that is no excuse for not planning.

Rather, the smart move is to plan for a plan.

It’s to do all the right research before crafting a plan.

It’s to create your minimum viable product before you work on waterfall engineering your business.

It’s knowing that the industry you’re hoping to get in will shift and you’ll have to pivot to meet the demand.

It’s about bringing your passion into exploring why you want to create, why the market wants it, why they will care to buy from you.

When you plan to plan, you consider in what ways the industry can shift, you’re prepared, you’re smart, but most importantly, you’re flexible.


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