Shooting The Watch

Take Time To Care

If you’re itching to cut time, you can cut corners, to cut corners you can cut the story.

You don’t have to listen. You don’t have to ask questions to understand where someone is coming from (the story they are telling themselves while talking with you). You don’t have to be pleasant or sincere or even care.

Chances are that within the last week you’ve interacted with someone who rushed an interaction, tried to cut time, and fell short of expectations.

Chances also are, that it took more time, because despite their attempt to cut corners, you didn’t want to–and pulling anything across a mile of sandpaper is tougher (and more time consuming) than pulling something across a sheet of ice.

Each day we have the choice to shoot the watch or invest all ourself in being part of one’s story.

Turns out that it takes far less time to connect with someone when we care than when we don’t.


Stay Positive & So, Maybe, Care More

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