Pushing Back The Divas

It’s not what you do that earns you credibility, recognition and praise. It’s how you behave.

Behavior comes first when people talk about you.

The time to be a Diva is over. Now anyone can be as remarkable as another if they work hard and smart enough.

Before, people could get away with being jerks because they were the best at what they did. But, now you hear this: “He was so helpful,”

then they say what it is he did.

People comment about your character, your behavior, before anything else.

Sure, some people can still get away with being Divas, but that’s because their employer doesn’t understand the new economy, not because their work is actually the best.


Stay Positive & Don’t Worry, They’ll Catch On Real Soon

Trust Issues Be Gone

I still hear people say that they have trust issues; that they have a hard time trusting anyone until they work hard to earn it. These people are missing out… big.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” — Ernest Hemingway

I have always thought: you can either go through life trusting everyone until they lose it or you can go through life trusting no one until they earn it. Hopefully you can see the better of the two. But in the case you don’t (or you’re denying that you do), if you’re going to get screwed either way, wouldn’t you rather have your character be observed with the fact you have always given people the benefit of the doubt before you judged them without knowing their story?

Forever will I argue that trust is not solely earned – it can be given too.

Trust people, not cookies.

When it comes to people, trust, just trust until they give you a legitimate reason not to. As for cookies, well, raisin cookies that look a lot like chocolate chip cookies is why I will never trust another cookie again.


Stay Positive & Trust, You Can Always Stop If Things Don’t Work Out

Garth E. Beyer

What’s Your Story

It’s a common question with a difficult answer.

I have met those that tell their story in under a minute and I have met those that tell their story in 10 minutes.

The former is never enough. The former is a copout – “I grew up in Rockford, went to UW Madison, got cheated on, and travelled around America. Now, here I am working for the State.”

People will tell me something similar and they honestly believe that is their story.

The 10 minute stories are the passionate ones, the ones you learn about the person’s character rather than where they were or where they are at now. Their story consists of multiple short stories. Most importantly, their story encompasses you the moment they start sharing it.

The good stories are the ones that connect you with the person you’re telling it to.


Stay Positive & Work On Your Story*

Garth E. Beyer

*Really, if there is one thing you want to be able to conjure without moments notice, to completely tell, it’s your story. Forget the one minute elevator speech and forget about analyzing your major decisions that changed the course of your life. Your story that you share with people is invaluable. So valuable that I will be posting mine within the next few days, opening it up to criticism. I encourage you to share yours in the comments section. I will choose one person to debut in a new interview series I will be doing. The beauty about a story is that there is always more to tell.

Traded Expectations

You can tell a lot about a person by how they handle traded expectations. If told a movie is good, do they then watch it and search for the good parts, or do they try to contradict you by looking for the bad parts. Personally, I root for the people who find something interesting between. That’s just me.


Stay Positive & Trade Once, May Never Need To Trade Again

Garth E. Beyer

What You Deserve

Life is not centered at giving you what you need, you’re on your own with that.

It is however, very much focused on giving you what you deserve. And so am I.

Sure it’s smart to separate your wants and needs, but for this particular case, let’s put them all in one and just call them needs. After all, everyone gets them confused anyway.

Is it safe for me to say that you have never received anything you needed for no reason? As much as we, as humans, fight the assumption, every choice we make is made on the justification that it somehow benefits us. While some people lean towards selflessness like Mother Teresa and others are predominately selfish like Hitler, it is never one or the other, both made the choices they made because it benefited them.

If prodded long enough as to why someone did what they did, it is inevitable to get a response which states that.

Typically unbeknownst, when you receive something you need, you receive it because you have worked for it – except, that you actually never worked for it, you worked for the person to give you it. Again, you are usually unaware that you have worked or will work in a way that will benefit the person who is giving you what you need. Obviously then, the bigger the need, want, desire, hope, and so on that you have, the harder you have to work.

Want to be on the ballot for the next presidential election? You have to work hard for an extremely long time and the hard work you do has to benefit as many people as possible in the largest of ways. The same goes if you want to be a successful businessperson. The same goes if you want to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Anything major in life requires major work. None of it will be given to you unless you provide the gift bearer ways that it would benefit them.

Then, while you are working hard, working smart, working more efficiently through the good and bad times in order to get what you need, life – and all it’s magic – steps in and gives you exactly what you deserve.

However, what most people fail to understand is that you can go through life working hard and never get what you deserve because to get what you deserve, you have to work on your character. What builds character? I think you can figure that one out by yourself.

In my opinion, and I am curious if you agree, I would rather go through life getting what I deserve than what I need/want/desire.


Stay Positive & Work On Yourself And Everything Else Will Come To You

Garth E. Beyer

Why I Interact With Everyone: My Hope

My hope is that you remain discontent with how society defines success;

that you understand some rules are unjust and are meant to be broken;

that you use the broken pieces to build your character;

that you will light the match which ignites the fire in your belly, the warmth of your heart, and what is necessary for passion to turn into something tangible;

that you either walk away or plow over the naysayers;

that you never stop transforming;

that from time to time – the more often the better – you just start and ship something immediately, just do what you need to do right away and feel that special sense of completion;

that you manage to find a way to always keep your head up;

that you would be willing to get arrested for what you do;

that you always try;

that you be you;

that you


Stay Positive & Remember I’m Here For You

Garth E. Beyer

28 Lessons To Living The Successful Life Through Personal-Achievement Principles

Yes it’s a mouthful but it is the best description that I can give to the following 28 lessons. Enjoy.


1. Better results does not make a better plan. A better plan makes better results.

2. Happiness is meant to be designed. You create it, you sculpt it, you make it.

3. Discipline: without it there is no bridge from your goal to your accomplishments.

4. Success is sending yourself an invitation to grow, develop, move up, build more, create more, invest more, innovate more and raise above mediocrity.

5. Life works like a magnet, the more you put forth to your goals, the closer you get to the results you want, the harder you work at your dreams, the more force in which they pull you toward them, it gets easier. It always gets easier.

6. Learning is the beginning. Everything else will fall into place itself.

7. Things only change when you do.

8. There really are no destinations, only points in which you change direction again.

9. Be influenced by the successful. Peer pressure is necessary as long as it pushes us further toward our real potential.

10. Be influential. Peer pressure is necessary as long as it pushes someone further toward their real potential.

11. Remove “easy”, “simple”, and “effortless from your vocabulary. Also never make something a piece of cake, have it all or take nothing.

12. Try. Only when you don’t try, do you fail.

13. Answer this question, very clearly. What is the purpose of life?

14. Lead a tribe of as much inspired if not more willing people than yourself. Create an unbeatable alliance with others.

15. Create a new faith, a new religion, a new belief and call it “The YourName Faith/Religion”. This is the only way to destroy any limitations.

16. A good person runs a mile. A great person runs an extra mile. Only a legend keeps running long after the first, second, third, ninth mile. Always do more, always.

17. Make every part of your character visible.

18. Be Human.

19. Self-initiative, Self-resilience, Self-motivation, Self-assurance, Self-inspiration, Self-control, Self-discipline, Self-growth, everything begins with yourself. Want to be successful? Work on you harder than you work on your job.

20. Pursue an interest that makes you feel alive. Nothing radiates more positively to others than a personal keen interest in something, something you pour your passion into, something that if upon waking up at 2 am and asked what your muse is, you answer with it.

22. Combine accurate and imaginative thinking to create your art.

23. You won’t last without good health.

24. Not to mention exercise is the absolute greatest habit you can create to stimulate the positive senses.

25. Living in the moment is derived from the collection of experience you have had controlling, focusing and centering your attention on the positive, on the material that will help you produce results you care about and on the search for what you can learn from every moment.

26. Everything remarkable was the result of overcoming adversity. If you come face-to-face with adversity or even sometimes get defeated, you are on the right path. Nothing worthy comes easy.

27. Visualization doesn’t need to be done all at once. Visualization is something that is meant to be anointed to all the various positive thoughts that float through your mind every day.

28. Care


Stay Positive & Live The Successful Life

Garth E. Beyer