Pull Back For This New Year

Pull Back For This New Year

Slingshot Into The New Year

I’ve written posts, read articles and talked to dozens and dozens of people about their goals for each new year.

A trend I’ve noticed is how people wait until the new year to start anything instead of starting at the best time to start: now.

If we could just pull ourselves back in the sense of doing what we need to do now to excel in the new year, well, we may be proud of how far we’ve gotten come March and April when others realize they’re better off giving up their goals.

When I say pull back, I mean pull yourself back like you would a slingshot. Prep what you need, start developing the action you want to be a habit in the new year, begin planning the book you want to write.

You see, we have two options right now. We can start working toward our new years goals or we can wait until the new year. I’ll tell you from my experience, those who succeed each year are the ones who started down the path of success early.


Stay Positive & Worms Are Scarce During The Winter

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Working Like You Drive

I made the short trek north from Rockford, Illinois, to Madison, Wisconsin, today while it was snowing. The roads weren’t terrible – heading north, at least.

As for those heading south, I saw nine accidents, one of which had about an eight-car pileup. Although the road I was driving on was clear, everyone was hitting their breaks and driving 30 miles under the speed limit resulting in what’s known as gaper’s block. They slowed down to look at the accident and all the pretty lights. They focused on the accident, backing up their own traffic.

This happens often in work and on those who are taking the long trek toward a common goal – they create a gaper’s block by focusing on the failings, mistakes and accidents of others.

Fortunately, no one refuses to drive because they see an accident. It puzzles me then, how someone could quit their pursuit after seeing someone else fail.

The point: keep going.


Stay Positive & Don’t Look Back (Or To The Other Side Of The Road)

Garth E. Beyer


New Years. New Goals. I Don’t Think So.

Start now.

There are millions of people around the world, right now, that are thinking about the new years resolutions they will write for themselves at the end of December. Are you one of them? Are you thinking how you are going to finish that book next year, ship that art piece next year, finish your project next year, make a change in your life next year? There are 744 hours left of this year. Have you any clue how much you can do with 744 hours? That new years resolution list you have been thinking about? Make it now.

Then do it before the end of this year.

“The great majority of artists are throwing themselves in with life-preservers around their necks, and more often than not it is the life-preserver which sinks them. Nobody can drown in the ocean of reality who voluntarily gives himself up to the experience.” Henry Miller

Quit holding on to things and ship them. Ship yourself. Strive to make next year a fresh slate. Write a new book next year, build a new non-profit next year, but for right now, finish what you started. Create a blog, finish (not perfectly) all of your next year goals this year, and throw them on your blog. Get them out there. Start again. This next year, is about showing that you can follow through with good ideas and you have so many more on the way that they can’t wait.

By the way, have you ever thought that if you can hold back from sharing something of yours with the world, that it just may not be worth sharing. Or are you telling me that you have held out on something I’ve wanted for more than a year?

The next 744 hours are about delivering everything you thought would be your one-hit-wonder, your  zipline to stardom. You’re better than that, the world (and myself) want more from you than one perfect project that’ll be old news in a week.

Make that new years resolution list now.

Complete it by new years.


Stay Positive & Start New

Garth E. Beyer

Unlocking Potential: Interview #2

We’re now on our second interview of the Unlocking Potential series. This is a series of interviews I have given to a small pocketful of truly important and respected people. For some of these people, I have never really talked to 1 on 1 until I had the interview like interview #1 with Rose Kendall. Other people like today’s interview, I have only met twice in person and have had my expectations blown to the point I continuously keep in touch.

See, this is what the world calls for, what people seek when they need something. Linchpins, people who care, people who always do more than is asked and have absolutely incredible potential. Help me in unlocking even more potential by reading the following interview with Katie McBody.

Interview: Katie McBody

I’ve been lucky enough to come across this fitness Linchpin through an extension in the family tree. Katie McBody takes fitness to an entirely new level as you will notice in the interview below.

Q: Thank you so much for participating in this interview with me Katie. Before we jump into it, is there any background facts about yourself you want the readers to know?

I have always been active- but never knew my potential in the fitness world until I met my husband, he pushed me in the right direction and has helped me achieve many goals. I started rock climbing and skiing at the age of 4 and later in life I was an instructor in both fields, I was also a softball player into college and now I volunteer my time to coach kids.

Q: What is your life calling, your passion?

Fitness- our bodies were designed to move and I want to share my love of exercise with everyone (especially kids!).

Q: What three habits have you created to continue progressing in that passion?

1. Make time for myself- I schedule a couple hours a day to have alone in the gym/ track/ trail/ climbing that I can use to focus on pushing myself mentally and physically.

2. Involve family- my husband is active duty Army (currently deployed) but when he is home, we spend his lunch break together at the gym. Or we make time to go play soccer as a family with our 4 year old son. Our son also joins me on a lot of my track workouts and participates with modified exercises.

3. Set goals- even if they’re just little goals, accomplishing little challenges you set for yourself is a confidence booster and it keeps you motivated to keep going!

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration from everywhere. My husband inspires me to keep pushing myself. We have a healthy dose of competition between us, which keeps us pushing our limits physically. I find inspiration at the gym, I’m fortunate enough to be able to train in a facility where a lot of Special Forces members train- so I watch them and try to “compete” with their workouts. I’m also inspired by my clients, especially the ones that show up and give it their all during our sweat sessions. It’s really rewarding to be helping someone better their life by getting them involved with something I’m so dedicated and passionate about.

Q: What is your motto? Why?

“Be yourself and watch it bother other people” I spent a lot of my youth worried about how other people viewed me. Getting older I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter. If you have “haters” it means you’re doing something right. I live with high moral standards and have found self confidence, I may as well be proud of who I am and stop trying to make other’s happy.

Q: What skills do you need to do what you do? How do you train those skills?

You need to get certified as a personal trainer, there are different routes (ACE, ISSA, etc) or college programs to get you there. And then you need dedication to learning more everyday. Be humble and realize that you don’t know everything, and you never will- so keep studying! I try to expand my knowledge and get certified in other fields (next steps is TRX and kettlebell certifications). Plus, I believe that a big part of being a personal trainer is looking the part! Would you want to take fitness advice from someone who was 40lbs overweight?

Q: What are three of the best benefits to exercise/eating clean?

The best benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle is the energy to always be ready to go! I love to fuel myself with good foods so I don’t feel sluggish during the day. One of my favorite fitness related quotes is “you wouldn’t put sugar in your gas tank- so why would you put it in your body?”

Q: What makes you unique, indispensable, a fitness artist?

I believe my level of competitiveness makes me unique- I don’t shy away from a challenge ever! I know I can be beat, but it makes me push harder. I’m indispensable because I have a vast array of fitness related knowledge and I’m skilled in other areas besides being a gym rat! I have worked as a ski instructor and a climbing instructor and I’m always excited to teach people new skills. I also have found a passion for teaching people to run, and run with proper form to reduce their chances of injury. Not too many trainers (at least that I have met) really take the time to teach the basics of how to run.

Q: As you know, my website is centered on life lessons. What are four life lessons you have learned from following your passion?

1. No excuses. Ever.

2. It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone- that’s where life happens. It’s also where greatness is achieved.

3. Set goals! Long term and short term. Reaching “mini” goals along the way is rewarding!

4. You can always do better- so keep pushing yourself.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

There are no excuses in the world of fitness. I believe in training without supplements- your results will last longer if you’re achieving it through eating well and exercising. Almost every injury can be prevented if using proper form- so if you’re new to weight lifting/ fitness please have a trainer show you form and technique.

You can “Like” Katie’s Facebook Page at http://www.Facebook.com/McBodyFitness or email her at mcbodyfitness@gmail.com


Stay Positive & Fit in

Garth E. Beyer

Parents Cost Us Money Too

Parents Cost Us Money Too (what we wish our parents would have told us) is now in a free downloadable PDF version which can be read on your computer or transferred onto your favorite eReader. Deep down,  this short 32 page eBook is my rant against how parents minimally or completely fail to empower their children with an education on money management. In reality, it sounds and reads nothing like a rant. I have written it purely to help kids learn what my parents never taught me and for the parents to learn what and how they can teach their kids about money management, goal setting, work & life lessons and much more. Everything you will read in this eBook has a face value but an even deeper meaning that is rooted to all the experiences I have had and often times wish I didn’t have.

In this free eBook you will find:

  • How to have an interest in interest
  • Nerf guns and sports cars
  • The realization that school does not educate students about money
  • My philosophy of prevention over clean-up
  • Hard work and working smart
  • Commission sheets, budgets and goal setting
  • The ages in which to teach the lessons
  • Personal stories, examples, and one chart
  • and much more

Please share your response or any ideas you get from the eBook in the comments section below. Feel free to share the eBook as well.


Stay Positive & A Step Toward Prevention, Is Still A Step

Garth E. Beyer

Desk Job to Your Passion to Cancun

Have you been in a position where you simply felt bad for the person telling the joke?

Last week at my job, I was working in the conference room while my other co-workers were having a meeting. Many of my co-workers have worked at the office for a lengthy amount of time and have seen people come and seen people go.

It was on the topic of a past employee that the joke was made. One person brought up how, Reagan left our office to work at another branch. Unlike our office, those who work where Reagan transferred to, have to pay for their vacation.

My co-workers began to relive their experience working with Reagan. They recalled how she would always carry a goal sheet for the day when she would walk into work. The goal sheet was always lengthy. They were making a joke out of it, one person said, “They require her to carry out a lot there and they even make her pay for vacation, that is just sad. I love not having to pay for vacation. I can’t wait to go to Cancun for four days next month. I have never been there and I need to get away and relax.”

Everyone she spoke to were nodding their heads and letting out chuckles of agreement. I walked out of the room because I felt terrible. I felt bad that they NEED to take a vacation to get away from work.

Do you want to know what I found out about Reagan after that?

She LOVES her job.

People at the office were unaware of the reason she set so many goals at work. She aimed for what she would LOVE to do the rest of her life. By carrying a set of goals and a determined attitude with her every place she went, it was not surprising she landed her dream job.

Would you be surprised if I told you Reagan is the highest paid employee at the branch and has been to Cancun three times in the last two years with her husband?

Stay Positive and Set Goals

Garth E. Beyer