The Writer’s Legacy

J.K Rowling is legendary. She is legendary  not just for Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, but for six other Harry Potter books and one unrelated new book this Summer. 

If you read the Harry Potter series, you know Voldemort had his soul torn into seven different pieces. Those seven pieces were part of him. Likewise, the seven books are a part of Rowling and in essence, it is those seven pieces that turned Voldemort and Rowling into a legend.

Does Rowling need to write another book? Of course not. She’s set. The fact she is writing another defines what it means to be a writer. Being a writer doesn’t mean you work hard to produce one book and win big on that one book.

Rowling couldn’t have done it with just one Harry Potter book, there’s no legacy in that, no passion. It would just have been a  book that she wrote and that’s it. It doesn’t matter if you have a book inside you anymore. One book doesn’t cut it, one book doesn’t make you an income you can live off of the rest of your life and one book definitely does not create a legacy.

Every legendary writer you can think of has published more than one book, has written more than one essay, has bled more than one poem. Writing a book doesn’t make you a writer, writing a book is average, millions of people do it. Very few write seven like Rowling, 40+ like Stephen King or have more than 1,000 published like L Ron Hubbard.

There is a highlight to reaching this realization. It makes writing that first book easier. See, too many people spend thousands of hours on their first book hoping to make it big. They spend more time editing than they do learning how to write better when learning how to write better is much more important because the more you write, the less you will need to edit. The less you need to edit, the more you can write and the more you can write, the more books you can have written.

Rowling, King, and Hubbard published a lot of work before their novels hit the status of legendary. They wrote endlessly and everything they started making was ugly until they made so much ugliness that it became beautiful and eventually legendary.

Having a book inside you and wanting to be a legendary writer are two different things. Unless of course, every time you vomit that book inside you, another takes its place.


Stay Positive & Stick Your Fingers Down Your Throat If You Have To

(just get that first book out and see if another takes its place)

Garth E. Beyer

Life’s Lottery and The First Step To Winning It All

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There are 2 factors I want to go over. The first factor is the fact I want you to know that I understand how difficult it is to find what you are most passionate about. I know how it feels to want to do everything like becoming a hippie, becoming a UFC fighter, getting a college degree, becoming a vegan, becoming a lawyer, making a million, doing something life risking and the hundred other things you would love to do!

It was roughly two weeks before I created this website that I had my “what is the point of my life” breakdown. I was crashing and having mood swings because I wanted to do so many things. Side note: I might have mentioned it before, but I have over 250 life goals written down, and I have just as many passions. How could a person be happy when they are trying to walk on 250 paths at the same time? They can’t.

It was just last night that my friend was having a mental explosion only to realize that she does not know who she truly is. She wants to do so many things and it makes her feel lost and discouraged that she can’t commit.

I mean, Hermione Granger couldn’t even handle all the different classes she was taking at Hogwarts, even with a Time Turner!

A few weeks ago I had a deep conversation with my brother where he revealed one of the biggest reasons why he has not reached any degree of success or real happiness. He said “I just have too many interests”.

While I point out that the reason we run into this mental tumult is from the lack of commitment, do not think it is the lack of commitment to one path.

The Pick Three

There is an Illinois lottery game called “Pick Three”. Life is like the lottery and the best way to win is to….

you guessed it! PICK THREE!

She could definitely handle and prosper in becoming a certified personal trainer, a fitness model and a nutritionist.

My focus on this website is to advance my writing skills about life, to share my public speaking experiences and to provide information on the relationship between fitness and whole life balance (includes Parkour, my favorite).

Hermione Granger would certainly rule Arithmancy, Charms, and Herbology.

Personally, I know what the top three interests my brother could conquer that would require him to use all of his heart – He could become the greatest new age artist, one of the best skateboard instructors and a pretty awesome military nut.

The point is that we do not need to make a commitment to one thing in our lives. Nor can we completely focus on more than three passions. We are only humans, we do have limits. But, for some reason it’s a paradox, because when we limit ourselves, we become unlimited.

The First Step To Living Your Passion(s)

The second factor is the first step to doing what you love.  There will definitely be a time when you get to do one, two, or all three of the things you are most passionate about.

But for now, the first step to doing what you love is to create a purpose for what you do now – regardless if it is your passion or not.

I don’t particularly have an interest in my data entry job, regardless of the fact I can type 109+ words per minute, my highest ever being 149. But I changed my views and perspectives around to appreciate what I do. I created a work motto that incorporates why I am passionate about my job despite the fact I would like to be doing something else. It is this attitude that has allowed me to create a closer relationship with my coworkers, to be asked to apply for promotional position in the organization and to now be given more time and money to do the things I am truly passionate about.

The great part of this, is that it does not matter your current work position. By applying this attitude, you are making a secret path to do what it is you would really love to do.


First Factor: As humans, focusing on one path in life will either lead us to boredom or a regret for not doing more. Also as humans, focusing on 25 different paths in life will burn us out or we will never follow anything through to the end. The winning number to life’s lottery is 3: Pick three passions. This will allow you to commit until the end because you will have enough energy and it will be enough variety so that you will always be excited and energized.

Second Factor: The first step and the best way to start living one or all three of your first set of passions is to find a purpose in your current career path. Has anyone ever told you that you can’t love another until you learn to love yourself? Well, you can’t live your passion until you find a passion in what you are currently doing. Whether you have to create a motto for the job you have now or simply remind yourself of the “good parts” of your job, I guarantee that with this new attitude, you will be living the passions you want in less than 6 months.

Stay Positive and FYI, The Pick Three Lottery Averages $500,000, But I Am Sure You Will Be Acquiring A Lot More

Garth E. Beyer