Final Episode–Episode 57: Building Hype, Unanswerable Questions, Evolution And More (Podcast)

Final Episode–Episode 57: Building Hype, Unanswerable Questions, Evolution And More (Podcast)

This is the last episode of In The Box Podcast. On this episode we talk about building hype around a business or product, how life is like basketball, a question I’ve never been able to answer, embracing evolution and how to maintain your composure after receiving harsh feedback. Enjoy and farewell.

Final Episode–Episode 57: Building Hype, Unanswerable Questions, Evolution And More

New Business – What are some ways to build hype around a new business or product?

Life is like – Life is like ___________

Food – Food for thought, what is a question you have never been able to answer?

Evolve – Why are people afraid to embrace their own evolution as a person? And one top to overcome that fear?

Bonus – In a moment of hurtful criticism of an idea, what is one way to keep your composure?


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Episode 48: WOM Advertising, Asking For Funding, Writing Things Down And More (Podcast)

Episode 48: WOM Advertising, Asking For Funding, Writing Things Down And More (Podcast)

On this episode of In The Box Podcast we talked about how businesses success without advertising, if money really does talk to everyone, whether or not you should write things down, how to ask for funding and controlling the rumors about you.

Episode 48: WOM Advertising, Asking For Funding, Writing Things Down And More

Word Of Mouth Advertising – How do businesses still succeed without advertising? Is it a smart move to be purely run on word of mouth?

Sellouts – Does everybody truly have a price?

The Ask – One top on how to make the “Ask” while fundraising?

Write Down – How do you personally handle the question “Should I write this down?”

Bonus – How important is it to control the narrative around your life?


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Episode 37: Cutting Corners, Storytelling, Reasons And More

Episode 37: Cutting Corners, Storytelling, Reasons And More

On this episode of In The Box Podcast, we chat about what it means to cut corners, the change in the live chat scene, controlling your story that public focuses on telling, if everything happens for a reason and we participate in a quick riff on traditional education.

Episode 37: Cutting Corners, Storytelling, Reasons And More

Cutting corners – What’s one way to prevent yourself from cutting corners?

Live chat – What do you think of the chat scene taking podcasts, meetings and even conferences?

Storytelling – How much should one worry about controlling the public narrative of their life?

Reason – Does everything happen for a reason?

Bonus – Is it better to go through a traditional education of learning then spend adulthood unlearning or is it better to grow up with a non traditional / alternative education?


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Episode 31: Management Advice, Meeting People, Team Vision And More (Podcast)

Episode 31: Management Advice, Meeting People, Team Vision And More (Podcast)

On this episode of In The Box Podcast, we ended up with a lot more questions than answers. You can download the episode here and listen to us talk about giving advice to management, meeting people within their own worldview, how much it matters that your team sees a project the same way as you, the importance of showcasing business culture, and ebbs and flows of life.

Episode 31: Management Advice, Meeting People, Team Vision And More

Ebb and Flows Of Life – Do you think you’re the only one who has trouble with figuring out life? or that your problems are unique to you and others won’t understand?

Management – What’s one thing that you would tell the management of the world?

Meet People – Best way to meet people where they are at?

Vision – How much does it matter if others on your team don’t agree with your vision for a project?

Bonus – Does a business’ culture matter to consumers/clients? Is it worth showcasing the culture?


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Episode 16: Luck, Being Early, False Equivalency And More – Podcast

Episode 16: Luck, Being Early, False Equivalency And More – Podcast

On this episode of In The Box Podcast, we discussed the concept of luck, the need to experience something to passionately sell it, whether life mirrors business or if it’s the other way around. We also talked about the advantages of being early and argued about false equivalency (fortunately never settling to agree to disagree).

On an earlier podcast Michael and I chatted about how so little surprises us anymore. On this podcast Michael stuck a check-up question about surprises in the box. It was a good time. Well worth the listen.

Episode 16: Luck, Being Early, False Equivalency And More

Selling – Does one have to experience a product themselves to sell it passionately?

Luck – Is luck something that finds you randomly or something you create?

Early – Do you believe it pays to be early? (early to a meeting, early to send email, early to say I love you?)

Surprises – Been surprised by anything lately?

False equivalency – How can we eliminate false equivalency?

Mirror – Does life mirror business?


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How To Talk So As To Always Be Understood

There’s a universal voice out there.

Some refer to it as being human, others consider it vulnerability. Personally, I don’t have a name for it, but I do know it involves stripping all thoughts of being something you’re not.

In terms of pitching for clients, I want to be excellent and place a lot of stories. PR pros are told we can accomplish this if we follow a pre-approved pitch email and phone script (given some flexibility, of course, but not much).

The times I’ve had the best pitching experiences is when I’ve stripped down the layers of scripted professionalism. The times I’ve had the most heart-to-heart conversations is when I’ve stripped away the fear of appearing weak. The times I’ve written the most resonating blog posts have been when I’ve written in the universal voice.

When you’re speaking in the truest, most intimate voice about your life, you are speaking with the universal voice, according to Cheryl Srayed who wrote the story Wild.

When you speak in that voice, you will always be understood.


Stay Positive & Give It A Try (And Try Hard, You Will)

Unlocking Potential #13: Q&A With Ryan Paugh

Ryan Paugh

When researching for a story centered on entrepreneurs under 30, a friend connected me with Ryan Paugh. At the time, Ryan was at Brazen Careerist writing, speaking and preaching about career-management. He was big into entrepreneurship… still is.

Like all the others on the unlocking potential series, Ryan is a linchpin. He is the source, the center of many entrepreneurial circles, providing resources and connecting people just as my friend connected me with him.

Without further ado… welcome, Ryan.

Q: You’re known for building epic communities. What does an epic community look like to you?

Ryan: An epic community is one that can help you unlock any door in your industry or trade. For communities like YEC and FounderSociety, we aspire to help our members gain access to everything they need to grow successful businesses.

Q: How did you get to where you’re at now? What’s your story?

Ryan: This is very geeky, but blogging changed my life. After I graduated college I started a blog with one of my best friends about Gen Y entering the workforce. Through the blog came my first business, Brazen Careerist, which was a free community for Gen Y professionals seeking career happiness.

Q: What’s the best and worst parts of being an entrepreneur?

Ryan: The best part about being an entrepreneur is having control over your own destiny. The worst part about being an entrepreneur is the toll it takes on your personal life and the lack of stability.

Q: What gets you filled up with passion and ready to take on the world, to go the distance, to be in it for the long haul?

Ryan: My family. Now that I’m a father especially, I find that I’m more motivated to be successful than I have ever been. I want my family to live the best life possible. I want them to see me as their hero.

Q: What do you see people regularly failing to do while starting a business? What would you suggest they do differently?

Ryan: Spending too much time on one idea is a common startup killer. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they didn’t get it right on the first try. They had to iterate on their existing idea to make it work.

Q: What are four hacks you can share? They can be about life, relationships, getting a job, starting a business, whatever you would like.

Hack #1. Invest in a virtual assistant and outsource work that takes away from building your business. Challenge yourself to delegate at least one new thing per week to your assistant.

Hack #2. Perfect is stupid. Come up with an idea for a business. Build the minimum viable product (MVP) as quickly as you can and get it to market. Iterate based on feedback from your early customers to get better.

Hack #3. Become an early riser or a night owl and you will get more accomplished than 99 percent of the population.

Hack #4. Take care of yourself. You physical and mental health are strongly linked to your success.

Q: Here’s an open-ended question for you: What are your thoughts on waiting?

Ryan: Don’t.

Q: What about failure?

Ryan: Embrace it.

Q: Would you tell us about a truly challenging time and how you got through it (or didn’t!)?

Ryan: Without going into too much detail, I had a health scare a couple months ago that left me feeling mentally paralyzed. It took weeks for me to feel better and get back to my business. The reason I was able to take the time off that I needed to recover was my amazing team. At some point in the future, you’re going to need to take some time off too and it will go a lot smoother if your company can operate with you missing. Being a great leader means learning how to delegate to your team and trust that they can get the job done. You should spend time early on in your career getting comfortable with this. You’ll thank yourself later.

Q: What are three lessons people should know about building a community?

  • Community businesses are are some of the most difficult businesses to run. I love what I do, but it’s not an easy road to riches. There are plenty of other avenues you could take to get rich quick
  • Great customer service can keep a paying customer loyal even when the product still needs work.
  • People will pay a premium for a concierge-level community experience.

Q: What makes an idea or a business or a person remarkable?

Ryan: Vulnerability. I’m drawn to people, ideas, and businesses that are not afraid to be what they are even if that might lead to them being criticized.

Q: Any last advice you want to give someone in marketing or someone who is thinking of starting a business?

Ryan: Share your ideas with as many people as possible.

Q: Lastly, where can people find you and the remarkable work you do? (Shamelessly self-promote here.)

Ryan: The communities I’m currently building are YEC and FounderSociety. We also run a great startup advice website for early-stage entrepreneurs. Follow me on Twitter. I try to blog semi frequently at


Stay Positive & Go Share Your Ideas, Be A Hero, Start Something