Lessons From Heartwood

A couple of months ago, on our way to Heartwood, a lodge in Northern WI, I and another arrived to an entrance full of trees just starting to turn green. However, as we entered the path that lead to the resort, it was blatant there was deforestation taking place. Amidst disaster, unnatural processes pushed by society, and all other god awful setbacks, there always lies something mentally, spiritually and emotionally laminating. The result itself – the lodge – was paradise compared to everything surrounding it. It was as if the lodge had taken its stance and would not let government actions or economic pressures (is there a difference?)  remove it from its place.

There are two noteworthy explanations to this occurrence. The first is that it is never too late to stand up against society, the status-quo, or even your parents. It is never too late to mutter the words “enough is enough” and to carry on with what was once considered your dream. This stance is life changing. It is for this exact reason that I will go back to the resort even though I have to drive through all the killed trees. That lodge is  a symbol, one that you must take from and put into your life.

The second item of importance was a particular epiphany I had after noting the symbolic meaning of the lodge. For those who think it is too late to get up, declare your goals and to go out and achieve them, the moment when you think it is too late is actually the best time to announce your revolt to tradition. See, had the lodge declared it’s excellence 3 years ago while all the trees flourished surrounding its area, it would be devoid of much meaning. People would think, how could you place a resort in the middle of a forest? The area should be natural, filled with tents and campfires. The area should test the survival skills of humans, not the industrial revolution. However, having the resort in the middle of a circumference of destruction has made it indispensable and all the more successful.

If you think it is too late, stand up and declare yourself as the next world champion of public speaking, raise your hands in the air and announce that you are the next Picasso, let everyone know that you will be driving to the bank in 1 year to deposit a 25 million dollar check from selling a company you started up, for the lodge’s sake, create a revolution. If for any reason, do it because when you think it is too late, it is actually perfect timing.

Stay Positive & Destruction Creates Opportunity

Garth E. Beyer

Getting It Of Your Chest

You know that feeling you get when you really have something on your chest? That weight you have held on to for too long by not doing or saying something. And of course, you know that the longer you hold it in, the stronger the pressure on your chest gets. That terrible feeling that continues to build until you can no longer bear it and you choose to finally get whatever it is off your chest.

So you do it. You get it off your chest.

Finally! Now the great sense of relief sets in and you feel free again. You enjoy a huge breathe of air and breathe out all that troubled you. By far it is one of the greatest feelings in the world to get something off your chest.


Deciding to start doing what you love and acting on your passion is a lot like getting something off your chest except that it is the greatest feeling in the world.

In addition to the feeling of relief, you feel excitement, joyousness, accomplishment, positive stimulation, and success among other phenomenally enlightening feelings.

Stay Positive & What Do You Need To Get Off Your Chest And Out To The World?

Garth E. Beyer