Life Is Like A New Pair Of Shoes

You want to break them in, but not ruin them.

You’re meant to make mistakes, take risks, bend over backward, scrape your knees, face your fears, stumble, and get a little bruised up.

Shoes are meant to be run in, bent in a way they’re not supposed to and be held there for awhile. They’re meant to be ran in on different turfs. It’s called breaking them in.

Most importantly, though one is meant to do all of this, you don’t want to break, rip, or destroy the shoes completely.

Similarly, neither do you want to become jaded, pessimistic, or immobile.


Stay Positive & Note, It Takes A Lot More To Break Yourself In Than It Does A Pair Of Shoes

Garth E. Beyer

Shoes, Feet, And Fitting In

Usain Bolt: Worlds Fastest Man

Everything is a matter of perspective, especially when you are deciding if the shoe doesn’t fit.

I quoted Gloria Steinem as saying “If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?” From the original perspective, no, we shouldn’t.

Then I took a really good look at my running shoes  and decided I needed a new pair. A pair that real athletes wear. A pair of shoes that will give me the feeling of being unworthy of wearing them – at first.

Let’s take a different perspective on Steinem’s question. The fact is, sometimes we must change the foot. Sometimes people make or buy shoes the way they do so that they have something to work towards, to shape themselves into so they can fit the shoe. It’s personal growth.

Wait. Take a step back. Don’t be confused with fitting into someone elses shoes. No. Create, design, and construct your own pair of shoes you want to fit into.

This is the beauty of changing the foot that Steinem never realized.


Stay Positive & Too Big Of Shoes Are Better Than Too Small

Garth E. Beyer