Zachary Lukasiewicz and I connected over LinkedIn and ended up recording our Google hangout for your pleasure. It was the first time we talked other than a few private messages to set up the hangout. Scott Herren was also with Zachary. We chatted about entrepreneurship, startup communities, how students need to take advantage of opportunities and how to stay positive. There were technical issues at the start of the talk, jump to the 4-minute mark to start.

You can watch it here. Enjoy.


Stay Positive & Making Connections Is Everything

Talking Up Opportunities

IMGP4140.JPGI always have something to talk about because there is alway someone I can talk up. There’s the friend who finished project X yesterday, the crazy beekeeper, the youtuber who makes songs out of any object imaginable, the coworker who is there for me, the coworker who balances the other by giving me a hard time, and the readers who view my blog. They are all awesome and I could go on and on about them and countless others.

And I do. That’s how I find them opportunities left and right. It’s not just me either.

Another coworker (not mentioned above) just told the story of how a family member owns a chain of hotels and was talking to one frequent traveller about her daughter; that the daughter is an artist when it comes to pastries and wants to go to the Art Institute of Chicago. The mother showed the traveller pictures of her talent and immediately, he pulled out a card and said that the daughter has an interview for admission whenever she wants.

Not saying it’s impossible to talk yourself up to an opportunity, it’s just a lot more easier, heartfelt, and self-enlightening to talk someone else up to an opportunity.


Stay Positive & You Never Know Who You’re Talking To (or what they have to offer)

Garth E. Beyer

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A Problem-Solving Tool: SWOT

A Problem-Solving Tool: SWOT

To evaluate a public relations project or campaign, you can use the SWOT analysis, a strategic planning method that allows you to get a better understanding of the situation so you can make justified and positive adjustments.

This tool, credited to Albert Humphrey, is one that, if done at the beginning of a project or start of a decision-making process, can certainly be returned to at any point of the projects implementation. This SWOT analysis is the core of your project, its foundation, that if you are ever lost while on the path to making a decision, you can simply refer back to your SWOT analysis to redirect yourself on a profitable course.

Strengths: Attributes of the organization that are helpful to achieving the objective.
Weaknesses: Attributes of the organization that are harmful to achieving the objective.
Opportunities: External conditions that are helpful to achieving the objective.
Threats: External conditions that are harmful to achieving the objective.

What you may have noticed is that this analysis focuses both on internal affairs as well as external. Strengths and Weaknesses are regarded distinctly as internal factors, whereas Opportunities and Threats are regarded distinctly as external factors.

It is extremely important to label the conditions and attributes correctly in relation to whether they are internal or eternal as it is this sort of labeling that assists you in prioritizing, classifying your actions in order of importance.

For a visual examples and more information on the SWOT analysis, I suggest visiting this site.

People Die Standing Still

You may be on standby, but death isn’t.

Nor are opportunities or priceless moments to demonstrate your talents or your art.


If a rock is left in a strong stream of water unmoving, naturally the stream will grind down the rock into a pebble. Ultimately defeated it will either be piled on with more rocks meeting the same fate or get taken by the stream and tossed out.

Like the pebble, standing still in life will lead you to be grinded down to non-existence, except it occurs much quicker. When a person creates a stream of their own success, by starting to move, starting to push, starting to lean forward, their stream continues to gain momentum and power. They (their stream) strong with creativity, toils anything standing still. (you?)


Stay Positive & Don’t Stop Improving

Garth E. Beyer

A Conviction For Freedom

Forbidden love hovers over the City,
a pink cloud of cherry-kissed sunshine
warming faces who dare glance up
setting themselves free of doom, gloom
dictated lives
lived in dismal corners.

 The speaker of this poem clearly understands that dictated lives carried out in fear make people live in a very dark place, a place absent of happiness, love, sunshine and positivity.

I believe freedom is essential to our lives, it may even be the key to happiness, and is surely the shortcut to success for any individual willing to take the risk for freedom.  But what is freedom? Freedom is the ability to give your love to anything. The ability to see shapes in the clouds and notice the underside of leaves in the wind. The realization of your chance to not be anyone else but yourself. Freedom is the act of becoming more of your self. It is a flexible mind and a heart that never sleeps. Although, to our own demise, there are three things in life holding us back from entering a state of freedom: Traditions, fear, and love. All play large roles holding us back  in our individual paths to sovereignty.

Traditions: They dictate the majority of young people and encompass completely the lives of the elderly. Such as the live to work ethic, ones father worked to live, so he expects that to be passed down his generation. Families seem to force their children into taking their traditions and their lives instead of creating their own path. The other form of the live to work ethic is when ones parents force the life you should live based off the lessons they have learned. In reality, this action is only 5% beneficial because it is vital to take knowledge from those who have more experience but not when it revokes ones ability to choose. The third type of tradition that plays a harsh role in the containment of freedom is religious traditions. They create strict guidelines for the supposedly “proper way of living” which, ironically, are also passed down from parents. It seems that every form of so-called “togetherness” has been in place to force upon traditions that are destroying art, soul, peace and happiness.

Fear: We grow up fearing things, resenting them, avoiding opportunities, avoiding people, and social events. We lose sight of life and at times missing out on it completely. Although it is a long thought on subject, fear often shuts the brain down, turns your shoulder to the best in life and makes you forget why your heart is beating. Everything in life that you do, think, and say, can be narrowed down to either love or fear. Of course, you know which is more common – nearly everything you do is derived from fear. Think about it the next time you do anything in the middle of the day. Ask yourself why you are doing it and continue asking why until you either end up saying that you love it or that you fear something else. After doing this, you will then have a new goal and challenge in life – more love, less fear.

Love: There is a lack of love in everything we do and to who we hold dear. It’s clear by now that it is love that will give you freedom and with freedom, you will be brought happiness through every experience and interaction in life. However, it takes a special minded person to find love in their job and even a more special minded person to find a job they love. Unless you can overcome tradition and fear, you will never find your passion or your freedom. The other form of love that is lacking is the love we have for one another. For example, I was in Barnes & Noble one evening during the winter season. While searching for a book, I heard a mother tell a child to wear his jacket as they were about to leave. The young boy, probably the age of 5 or 6, said he did not want to wear it. “Put your jacket on!” the mother had screamed at him. After further yelling, she forced it on him. There are two options of love and care she could have taken rather than expressing all the negative emotion and resentment towards her son. First, she could have helped the kid into his jacket or could have told him to wear it just until they got to the car. She could have given him options to choose from and build his decision-making skills. The other option was to let a kid be a kid; young and free-spirited. If he doesn’t want to wear it then let him experience the cold. Once he is cold enough he will try to put it on and he will be successful. Of course, this way you will laugh at him because it is inside out and then help him. Isn’t that a greater experience then to just yell at him and chastise him for not doing it right? Pity. The world is deprived of unconditional love, in family, in work and in our selves.

Releasing oneself from tradition, letting go of fear, and creating a flow of unconditional love is the set course for true freedom, and takes us one step closer to world happiness.


Stay Positive & Ah Kuta Matata

Garth E. Beyer

To read the full poem of “Breaking Tradition”, click here