ECCO Biom Sport Ultra Quest Plus Shoes Review

ECCO Biom Sport Ultra Quest Plus Shoes Review


I purchased a pair of $150 aesics running shoes a few days ago without any plans to run in them. I’ve worn running shoes as casual shoes since I threw away my chucks six years ago.

I went in another shoe store two days ago to find a pair of brown dress shoes. The salesperson, Nick, came out with a pair of the shoes I requested, a pair of black dress shoes he admitted grabbing by mistake, and a pair of ECCO Biom Sport Ultra Quest Plus shoes because he simply wanted me to try them on. (Obviously not what I went in looking for; not brown and not dress shoes. See picture above… But I suppose that’s just what eccentric Nick likes to do…give you what you didn’t know you wanted.)

I put on the ECCO Biom Sport Ultra Quest Plus shoes and fell in love. I’ve never stepped in a shoe with minimal cushion and felt so comfortable, so free, so attached to the earth in a good way — and that’s just the feeling of putting them on, at the time I hadn’t even walked in them yet. It goes without wondering, yes, I bought the ECCO performance terrain shoes and I returned the aesics running shoes yesterday.

Oddly, I’ve found myself standing straighter, shoulders back more while wearing the ECCO shoes than I have with any other shoe. The shoe is a perfect play on forming to fit my body and my body forming to fit the shoe. The Yak leather is pretty awesome considering ECCO raises their own cattle and holds up to sustainable standards. All around great shoe: flexible, breathable, functional on all terrain, great grip, and looks great kickin’ it casual or business casual.

4.5 star rating

If you read this weeks after I’ve written it and you want to check in on how the shoes are handling, feel free to email me at



What I’ve done here in these four short paragraphs is filled a gap. After purchasing the ECCO shoes, I searched online to find reviews of them, but could only find four reviews, both old, short and not very helpful in reassuring me of making a smart purchase. So I’ve decided to write a review myself to fill the gap.

While this is from a customer POV, it works equally from the business POV. The only way to find a gap to fill is to go out and actually experience what is out there and to either improve what is or create what isn’t.

Be a NEB (Nick-eccentric-business) and give people what they never knew they wanted.


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