Parkour: Mental Training

95% of a physical challenge is a mental battle.

The 95%

Tonight’s Parkour class focused on stride, momentum and all aspects of the legs. This means that we had to analyze the distance of our steps, strategize the power behind our strides and operate both sides of our brain as we were challenged last minute to step on a target with a certain foot.

  • You can run a Parkour track in record time, but not before you think every moment of it through.
  • You can jump from one roof to another, but not until you mentally evaluate the distance.
  • You can do a back flip off a 2 story building, but only if you win the battle in your mind telling you not to do it.

“A large part of an athlete’s performance is the mental state” Dr. John F. Murray, a widely known sports psychologist said, “the mind is a huge component of performance and outcome; a lot of people seem to be ignoring that.” This is a challenge to you for the next time you are lifting weights or training for Parkour – confront your mentality before performing a movement. Create an exercise program that is 95% targeted at your mind. Try curls on one leg, practice landing on a specific foot on a set of targets, test the distance of your strides and jumps – really stimulate and challenge yourself mentally.


Stay Positive and Balanced, For That Is 100% Mentality

Garth E. Beyer