2028 Election Won Primarily From Public Speaking

I was interviewed by Rockford Register Star when I was in the Running Start Program and was asked what I wanted to be when I was older. I told them I aimed to be the youngest President in history. That means I would be 35/36 in 2028 depending which day in November the election is held since my birthday is 11/6/92. I am putting this in the Public Speaking section because I came up with a public speaking strategy for my campaign.

Unlike all Presidents, I would visit states more than once.

First Visit: Talk about the people, talk about myself and talk about my plans/goals/etc.

Second Visit: Respond to questions from people after they had heard my presentation.

I also have an alternative I would try if that seemed to not be the most beneficial technique.

First Visit: To listen to what everyone wants, to hear questions they have and to talk with the people personally.

Second Visit: Answering and discussing the questions and concerns they want to know about rather than going off about this or that when half of the listeners do not understand what I am talking about.

The point is to get to know them and be prepared. Do you realize that the best beginners of public speaking do this? Before they have to present, they are NOT practicing their speech in the back, they are out with the audience getting involved. They are performing the best preparation a public speaker can perform: Knowing your audience.


Stay Positive and Connect First, Then Speak

Garth E. Beyer