Episode 47: Scarcity Marketing, Media Relations, Ducks In A Row, And More (Podcast)

Episode 47: Scarcity Marketing, Media Relations, Ducks In A Row, And More (Podcast)

On this episode of In The Box Podcast we discussed how to use the media when you’re starting a business, what constitutes a selfie and how it’s terrible, why scarcity marketing still works, how to deal with the Monday blues, and if our ducks will ever be in a row (what do you think?).

Episode 47: Scarcity Marketing, Media Relations, Ducks In A Row, And More

Media – One tip on how to effectively use the media if you are starting a business?

Selfie – The selfie: Good? or bad?

Scarcity – Why do you think scarcity tactics still work when we sell? Don’t you think people have gotten over that?

Ducks – Will our ducks ever be in a row?

Bonus – One way to deal with a bad case of the Mondays?


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The Inevitable Scarcity Effect

If you think the scarcity effect doesn’t play a role with your product or service, you’re wrong.

If there are two cookies left in the break room, we’re unconsciously motivated to desire one even if we didn’t want a cookie to begin with. Have you ever heard someone say “I had a sweat today and I’m not even sweet-tooth kind of person.” Scarcity played them.

If only five people in your organization could try a new product out – one you wouldn’t normally use – you would still sign up to try it out.

There is a shortage of grapefruit La Croix in the office today and all the sudden it’s my favorite flavor La Croix. Damn scarcity effect.

People don’t have a choice but to be victim to the scarcity effect. Are you leveraging it?


Stay Positive & Make Your Product/Service Scarce In Small Ways

Episode 5: Stealing At The Bookstore, Being Vulnerable, Planning Ahead And More – Podcast

Episode 5: Stealing At The Bookstore, Being Vulnerable, Planning Ahead And More – Podcast

On this episode of In The Box Podcast, we dove into some big ideas and a lot about books.

We chatted about scarcity still being an issue and why it always will be, the advantages and disadvantages of planning ahead, how to handle agents (book, music, etc,.), unique things to add in a book, if it’s stealing to read a book at a bookstore, and why vulnerability makes you beautiful. This is a packed episode. Enjoy.

Episode 5: Stealing At The Bookstore, Being Vulnerable, Planning Ahead And More

Scarcity – Is scarcity (food, clothing, shelter) still an issue in 2015? if so, why?

Plans – What are the advantages and disadvantages of planning ahead?

Agents – If you have an agent, how do you handle them not understanding your value?

New uses for book – What’s something new you can do with a book?

Vulnerability – What Does being vulnerable mean? Does vulnerability make you beautiful?

Is it stealing? – Is reading a book at a bookstore stealing?


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How Corny Are You Willing To Go


“Corny” is a term we use for a depth we’re uncomfortable with, that we may be guilty or embarrassed about.

It’s corny to say you’re cooler than the other side of the pillow, but it’s true, and me saying that is unique. I said it once to a gym teacher back in middle school. He had a smile on his face the rest of the day and I like to think he had us run one less lap because of my comment. We shared an experience together — an odd one, sure, but those are the best ones.

Unique and interesting comments of praise are scarce, and scarce things are meaningful.

How corny are you willing to go to make someone’s day?

I used a line by Oscar Wilde in a Thank You letter to someone recently. It was corny, but real, as so often corny things are. I’ve also seen people write something simple like “I know it’s corny, but I’m so thankful for you.”


Stay Positive & Clichés Are One Thing, Being Corny Is Another

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Appeal To The Masses, But If That Fails

–  Create a gadget for everyone to carry with them.

–  Write a cook book everyone can read.

–  Design a sweatshirt everyone will wear.

–  Build a desk everyone can use.

Good luck… However, if none of those tasks work out and you find yourself incapable of appealing to the masses, perhaps, just perhaps try some of the following:

–  Sketch something only a few may appreciate.

–  Design an app only a few will love.

–  Write a blog only a few will read daily.

–  Build nightstands only a few can get their hands on.

While scarcity practically multiplies your success rate, so does personalization. Make something only a few will love. I’m not sure where anyone got in their minds to be successful you have to appeal to the masses. I’m not even sure why some businesses and individuals make it an end goal.

It also pays to remember you can only stretch yourself out to so many people. Do you think you can appeal to the masses? Better question, do you even want to?


Stay Positive & It’s Okay Better If You Don’t

It’s Your Loss

Your loss

I’m slowly becoming more comfortable making the statement that it’s someone’s loss when they don’t buy into an opportunity I’m offering. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming them. Their choice to pass on my offer is my fault, not theirs. But it is their loss. It is.

The more I read, write, and sell, the more I notice people are persuaded by what they will lose if they don’t “buy into” whatever it is you’re offering. People recognize what they can gain, but this recognition does not cause confirmation. What causes people to buy is showing them what they will lose if they don’t.

With whatever product or service you’re offering, you have to figure out what is unique, what is uncommon, what is it that your customer, friend, client can’t get anywhere else. What is it that if they pass up your offer, it really will be their loss?

Remarkability is often built off the foundation of scarcity.


Stay Positive & What Do I Have To Lose

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