Get Psyched!

I have a Get Psyched playlist for my workouts.

Barney has a Get Psyched mix for, well, getting psyched.

What about a Get Psyched mix for overall work, life, and self-improvement?


I’ll be going on a trip this Friday and will be #unplugged for 14 days. (Don’t worry, I’ve written like crazy to schedule posts for the days I will be unplugged.) While I get everything in order for my time away, I will be listening to a countless number of motivational speeches and discussions.

I remember the first Zig Ziglar talk I listened to on a Podcast at work two years ago. Heck, he’s still there on the front page! It changed my life for the better the best.

After I listened to all the Zig Ziglar that I could freely get my hands on, I bought a couple of discs. Then I listened to those until I knew what word he would say next. After nearly memorizing the seminars, naturally, I stopped listening to them. That’s when my life rocketed toward everything I wished it would be. It still amazes me just thinking about it.

Now I’m shooting to do the same with this trip. Loading up with motivational fuel, getting psyched, then cutting myself off. We’ll see what happens.

Without the need to be unplugged, I encourage you to do that same. You can download Spotify (much like Pandora, sure you’ve heard of that) and search for Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and all the other great motivational speakers. From there, it’s simple: listen.

You don’t need to spend hundreds, or in the case of some of Brian Tracy’s work, thousands, to Get Psyched for personal growth. Yes, Spotify is free.

What makes me happy is knowing how little Zig would care that we can now listen to him talk for free. Let’s show him what we got.


Stay Positive & Get Psyched

Garth E. Beyer

Self Delivered Progress

My co-worker dropped a great one liner the other week. She mentioned that you need to, “under promise and over deliver.”

I couldn’t have agreed more at the time. It encompasses a positive view of expectations. If you get someone to set low expectations and you proceed to blow them away, the person will be shocked, amazed, and grateful. In addition, by under promising, you are casting the safety net. If you can’t seem to deliver, it’s okay because you never promised that much to begin with.

–    –    –    –    –

Part of the statement here needs to be revoked. While I still hold to the attributes I’ve stated, I completely disagree with one part of the statement to under promise and over deliver.

Eliminate under to create the saying “promise and over deliver.”

If you need to under promise something, then it’s likely that it’s best you don’t promise anything to begin with. Promising something that you’re worried you can’t deliver, or fully deliver, is not a smart promise. Smart promises is what gets us places. Smart promises say exactly what you will do with the guarantee of it being completely done.

If you’re interested in progress though, if you want to move up the ladder, if you want the recognition and admiration from the people who you fulfill promises for, then you need to promise and over deliver.

Before any skepticism is launched, let me say without any wiggle room, that there is always a way to over deliver. It’s this performance of searching for a way to over deliver, and then following through with it that creates progress. Self delivered progress for you through over delivering on promises for them.


Stay Positive & Who Knew Progress Was So Easy

Garth E. Beyer

Building Hearts, Success, And Your Life

The size of your heart is measured by the number of times it’s been broken and pieced back together, making it bigger, stronger, more capable of handling hardship.

Same goes for any type of power or success in life.

The level of it is based on the several times you have failed, lost, made a mistake, was wrong, didn’t finish, got beaten, been crushed, or got broken

and still got back up to do it again, inevitably better this time.


Stay Positive & Every Time You Pick Up Pieces, You Pick Up More Than What Were Broken

Garth E. Beyer