The Argument That Matters

Marketing With Empathy

Many don’t want to do the hard work of marketing because it requires that one turns off a default setting we have when making an argument.

We all know that it’s tough to convince someone of something if we merely share why we believe in it. The worldviews don’t align that way. It keeps us disconnected to share only our opinion, but we keep the satisfaction of personal authority when we tell it how it is.

That’s the default setting. And it almost never works, not in the long-term anyway.

Marketing done right is marketing done by listening; by setting our worldviews aside to have empathy; by telling ourselves the story the person we’re talking to is telling themselves.

It feels uncomfortable, like we shouldn’t try–like it’s their story, not ours.

It’s better they come to our side, right?

It’s not that marketers aren’t trustworthy, it’s that they (you know, the great ones) are so empathetic that it’s often hard to know exactly where they are coming from and why you feel like you trust them and how you can feel so understood by someone.

It’s scary and a bit uncomfortable, but that’s vulnerability and how you know they actually care.

When you can meet another in their field, what you have to say ceases to be an argument and becomes an epiphany that you each can bond over.

Far more powerful, in my opinion, then there being a winner and a loser.


Stay Positive & Arguments Are Passé Anyway

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