The Big Splash

The guy cannonballing in the pool may attract the views of everyone around…temporarily.

Olympic diver Mark Lenzi dove more than 10,000 times with few to no spectators before the world watched him.

It’s easy to forget every hero, every popular brand, every olympic star, started as unpopular, as obscure, as esoteric. Tiny splashes in a world-sized pool. Yet, now everything Apple does, everything Schwarzenegger says, everything Heidi Klum wears is a big splash.

But the big splash is the perception others have of you. Sure, it’s an honor, but you don’t see your splash as a splash anymore. It’s not some kindred act of getting laughs; it’s an art. Every splash to others is a dive to you.

Dive by dive by dive you’ll get to the point where everything you do is seen as a big splash, but don’t get lost in it.


Stay Positive & Centered On Your Dive

Garth Beyer

Garth Beyer is a Madison-based writer and Public Relations Strategist focused on telling stories, running through trend-making PR strategies and trying new things in life.

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