Three Tips To Better Yourself

Get Better

Three themes that continue to reoccur and place folks ahead of a project, of expectations, of others:

1) They bring more ideas. Then they refine those ideas, but still add more. No matter the industry, you’re in the idea business. Share them in every meeting and every email. Send ideas to departments you don’t work in, to your boss and to your friends and colleagues.

2) Don’t take anything personally. Don’t use your personality or the fact you put 20 hours into something that someone didn’t like as an excuse to feel terrible. Taking things personally doesn’t help you. In fact, it hurts you, often times so much so that you no longer put yourself out there. We need you out there.

3) Who you know matters. You can be an introvert with a huge network. Connecting with others is a decision, but it’s also an investment with a larger return than you could ever imagine. For every moment, attention, and care you give to someone new, it’s eventually returned two-fold.


Stay Positive & Take It Or Leave It

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