Making The Transition

You know that person who has checked out of their job, but is still doing it?

Or the person who has a hobby they mingle with once every few months?

Or the partner who stays in the relationship because they think slowly backing off will make it easier on the other?

It can be easy to rationalize a slow-transition: fear of new, eases the pain for others, nothing else lined up yet, etc.

Such is often the case, our rationalizations are wrong.

Slow transitions hurt more than they help.

No one likes when the band-aid is pulled off slowly, especially if it has been there for a while.

The responsible action to take is to make a full stop, pivot and go forward on the new path; to remove the weight you’re dragging through the transition.

Ask any employer, hobby mentee and ex … They’ll always say …

“I wish they would have done it sooner.”

What’s more? They don’t say it as if they’re angry. They say it as if they’re sad–that they knew everyone would have been better off if the transition was made sooner.


Stay Positive & Letting Go Might Hurt, But It Also Helps More In The Long Run

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