What’s Your Objective

Know Your Objective

Facebook has a few ad objectives marketers can choose from.

There’s engagement – get people interacting with and reacting to your post.

There’s awareness – get as many people to see your post as possible.

There’s conversion – get people to buy what you’re selling in your post.

Whether you believe Facebook is the social messiah of the digital world or not, it’s worth noting that even the media giant sets advertisers up to have three separate conversations about success.

Contrary to what you may have been told (or told yourself), every post, word, image, share, statement you put out in the world is not just to sell, to make money, to get people to buy.

Too often conversations swing that way (and the worldview that most people have ulterior motives when they perform an act of kindness doesn’t help either). The truth is that sometimes all we want is to engage with someone, to connect with them, to feel something.

The truth is that sometimes we just want to share that there’s a sale or that there’s a special release happening Tuesday because we would have wanted someone else to share it with us. The motivation is to contribute, not to collect.

When we try to talk about engagement and awareness with how many conversions we collected; that’s when trouble arises, expectations go unmet, and future marketing messages lose their meaning and become a blur.


Stay Positive & So Tell Me Again, What’s Your Objective

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