Work Values

These are some of my most important work values. I require them. I won’t break them for anyone. These are ideas, thoughts, ways of living that I’ll stand by until my dying day.

Challenge fear – I surround myself with people who do the things the little voice inside their heads (that lizard brain) tries to convince them not to do. It’s inspiring, and those who succumb to fear aren’t that fun (or successful).

Generate ideas – Required: a space and freedom to test ideas and the encouragement to do so.

Lawful/Just Good Ethics – I grew up learning some rules were meant to be broken, but that means some rules (most) are meant to be upheld and respected. It’s one thing to break a law, it’s another to be told to break it. I’ll use my judgement, no one else’s.

Thrash first – Act now the way you would act if you waited until the day before the deadline. Thrash to success.

Movement – I’ve said it a hundred times over. People die standing still. Idea generation, creation or evaluation is needed, constantly.

Stay Positive – I don’t deal with pessimists, negative realists or devil’s advocates, unless they desire to break their habits. (As for the devils advocate, I always create a list of what that person would say before any discussion of an idea so there is no need for a devil’s advocate.)

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