Your Crutches

Leave Your Crutches Behind

You’ve been using crutches you don’t need.

They aren’t even crutches to help you get back on your feet.

They’re crutches that prevent you from falling, flailing, and failing.

Some use their significant other as a crutch. “I can’t do X, I need to spend time with Y.”

Others use alcohol or they curb their self-esteem to prevent others from having the chance to.

The reality is: you don’t need the crutches. You’re preventing yourself from doing the work we need you to do when you use your crutches.

Turns out if it’s something that scares you, it’s something that’s worth doing.

What’s the point of being alive if you don’t try to do something remarkable, anyway?


Stay Positive & Crutch-Free

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Garth Beyer

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