The Easiest Part Of A Business Plan

Brand Story

I encourage those writing a business plan to do the marketing last. Takes notes of all the ideas you ponder while working on the rest of the plan, but spend your energy on your story instead of your marketing.

Doing so shifts the business, your mentality and your customer base.

It goes from being a business that needs to advertise to a business that it’s customers will talk to others about. It goes from a series of publicity events for awareness to being a brand that fits perfectly into the story customers are telling themselves.

The most important part of the business plan is the business itself; it’s the source of every signal, every communication, touch, feeling, newsletter, email, receipt…

Frame your scarcity and paint it with value. In doing so, you create a business that markets itself and the “marketing” portion of your plan is just for fun, it’s not out of necessity.


Stay Positive & Start With Your Brand Story

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