About Your Logo

About Your Logo

Allow me to riff for a moment …

Who is the logo for? It’s certainly not for you, right? It ought to be for your target to see and feel an emotion when they do. Please remove yourself from the equation and focus on the impact your audience desires, not the impact you want to make.

How big is it? Turns out size doesn’t matter in regard to people remembering it. Although, it might help tell your story better to have a smaller logo if you’re in a niche market or a large logo if you’re a global business. The size of the logo should tell the brand story, not merely be made large so it gets noticed.

When should you redo your logo? If you’re changing your story. Otherwise what makes your logo stronger is that it’s consistent. It shows up every day. Your logo builds trust over time. I’d even push back on changing the logo when you change your story unless it’s a true 180 and your current logo has baggage.

How much are you willing to spend on a logo? The price one paid for a logo is never the story of the logo; it’s irrelevant. Have a friend who cares about your story make you one. It’s almost always nonsense to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a logo. Consider this: The money you spent on the logo could have been put into the business that will define how people see your logo.

I spoke to someone recently who had two designers and spent thousands of dollars on their logo. At first glance, it means nothing to anyone. They can guess the industry it involves, but beyond that, it’s everything else this business does that gives the logo meaning. The conversations they have with customers. The stories they tell on their website and packaging. The flavor of the coffee once you finally taste it.

There are so many things you could better spend your time on than a logo. By all means, be smart about it, but understand there’s a line when you’re hurting yourself more than helping your target.


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