It’s Easier Than You’re Making It

There’s a masseuse who has built her client base for almost a dozen years. Now she has her own space and has hired someone to help it grow. These are the owner’s words about the new hire …

“She doesn’t have a lot of clientele right now. She could. She’s been doing this for years, too, but she doesn’t want to call people to invite them back.”

Too often we let outrageous stories we tell ourselves hold us back from achievements.

(Real, maybe, but also outrageous.)

Stories of introversion and fear.

Stories about others being upset with us for following up too soon. Stories that we’ll ruin our chance if we act in the wrong way when really we ruin our chances when we don’t act at all.

You’ve got the choice to be the successful masseuse or the unsuccessful one and the only difference is the easy task of making a follow-up phone call.

Such is most endeavors in life.


Stay Positive & Connect, That’s What People Really Want

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