Familiar Shapeshifting

Familiar Shapeshifting

You might have a magical idea, but if no one can relate to it, they’ll disregard it.

No one likes to work hard to understand someone’s good idea.

That’s why the practice of familiar shapeshifting is important.

The process is a simple one:

Make something. Ask what it reminds you of. Make it look like that. Repeat.

Through iterative creation, you’ll have something remarkable and equally relatable.

We’ve come a long way from thinking beer should taste like rice and music should have rhythm, but very (very!) few are willing to drink a beer that tastes like meteorite and listen to music comprised solely of random snake hisses.

It may be cool for a few and for the short run, but you’re after long-term success, right?


Stay Positive & You’ll Need Familiarity On Your Side

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