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There are about two dozen food trucks downtown from where I live. They are all within walking distance. The majority have great food and drinks and are reasonably priced. But, only a quarter of them accept cards; most are cash only.

At any organization or business, there’s likely only to be a few developers or they outsource the work. So when it comes to designing a website or recreating a contact form, who do you think gets to make the decisions?

Not every technology will give you a profit or permission to lead, but we know that a tech will.

If 2% of Americans is the real number of those who know how to code, we have a problem.

If 1/3 of food trucks have card readers, the other 2/3 will suffer and wonder why.

Seeing the next device as a struggle and refusing to adopt and adapt is a race to the bottom.

If you could create any Alexa skill for your business, what would it be?


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