is always the best time to start.

There’s a wonderful reminder that I’ve worked up to counter the most common reason to not start now: you’re already behind.

I call it the One Bite Away reminder.

Imagine you start a diet (maybe you are currently on one) and things are going great. You’ve lost a few pounds, built some muscle, and even feel better. But then you begin snacking over the weekend.

Now you’re behind.

And since you’re behind, you might as well toss the diet plan. You messed up. You failed. Forget it. Maybe next year. Maybe in the summer. Maybe when you get enough motivation to ask someone to do it with you. Maybe when you build up to it again. Maybe when you get your feelings hurt.

Why we don’t realize that being slightly behind is a lot better than continuously getting further behind, I don’t know.

What I do know is that when you are behind, you’re only One Bite¬†Away from getting back on the diet, back in the groove, back in the zone.

Seems pretty simple when you put it that way doesn’t it? One bite – not one hundred bites, not a week behind, not five pounds. One bite.

That’s how it is with any “diet.”


Stay Positive & Don’t Beat Yourself Up. You’re Just One Bite Away

Garth E. Beyer

Garth Beyer

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