Re: A Manual For Daily Adventure Pt.2

The 2nd round was just as fun and adventurous (in an even more unique way) as the first. If you’re just catching up, I’m working on Michelle Welsch’s A Manual For Daily Adventure. She has provided 80 ways to get started shaking things up in your life. I have done four already and including the one’s I am reporting today, I have 62 more adventurous activities to partake in!

36. Concentrate on nothing except pouring yourself a cup of tea

67. Hide a note for your partner to find (I no longer have a partner so I have written a note for my future partner to find when we kick it off)

24. Stare out the window (How can I not with the view I have over Lake Mendota?)

19. Write a pageful of questions. Don’t worry about answers.

33. Compliment a stranger. (A girl who I recognized from seeing at school pulled her tank-top up really high at the mall. As she walked by I had overheard her and her friend questioning whether it looks good or not -obviously sarcastically, likely making fun of someone- and I replied, “that looks good”. They were zoned out and probably didn’t hear me, if they did they probably gave me a really dirty look as I kept walking. #awkward)

46. List 4 things you are thankful for in this moment. (I typically list five things every night before sleep, but as I read this “to-do adventure”, I pulled my Gratitude Notes out and wrote down: sleepless nights worth staying awake for, sunlight, good tasting water -didn’t get my brita pitcher yet-, deep conversations that lead to action)

47. Pick up your favorite book and head to the park. (I wrote this post in response to taking this action.)

52. Set a new fitness goal. (I decided to have a goal of 50 pull-ups, I can already do 25 which means I’m already half way there!)

11. Stroll through a book store and notice which section pulls you in. (At first I started walking to the New Age Thinking section, but then my feet took me directly to the Writing Reference section. From there I was pulled to old classic novels and from there to Seth Godin’s books. I hoped to end up walking to something new, but what pulled me in is currently relevant to my life.)

17. Start a scrapbook with images you tear out of magazines, newspapers, funny office memos. (I prefer using my huge tack-board as a replacement for a scrapbook. I’ve filled it up much more since I took this picture)

18. Schedule a coffee date with someone you admire. (Scheduled a coffee date with Katie Christensen, entrepreneur and great friend to discuss business ideas and upcoming events.

68. Put your other shoe on first.
I actually didn’t know which shoe I put on first, so I did both… Overachiever?

34. Brush your teeth with opposite hand. (Weird, but not difficult)

69. Be a slob. Don’t make the bed. Leave it on the floor. (This slobbish enough?)

Stay Positive & Always A Bit Awkward

Garth E. Beyer

Garth Beyer

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