How Are You At Directing?


I hope your solid. After all, you should be with all the practice you’ve had up to today. You can make yourself a hero. In fact, have you made yourself a hero lately? I’ve felt we’ve needed some more heroes.

Your life is yours to direct. So let me ask again. How are you at directing?


Stay Positive & You Create Your Own Tranquility, Your Own Tale

After Years Of Arguing It

Writer Garth Beyer

I’ll finally admit it… Identifying your passion, discovering what it is you really love to do, finding your purpose is a damn difficult thing to do.

For some it seems to come so natural. That, too, I once believed. I don’t anymore. Being more forward with you, I thought I knew I always wanted to be a writer, an entrepreneur and a PR guy (even though I didn’t know the term PR at the time). “It’s  just who I am!” I would tell people.

Investigating my past, though, I can’t recall the moment when I knew. There was no epiphany, no wide-realization, no godly pronouncement of my passion.

After scrutinizing my past, I realized that it was through a series of forcing, tricking, and driving myself to love the things I did that lead me to declare I was a writer, I was an entrepreneur, I was what I now know is called a public relations strategist.

I didn’t always love writing, but I was always finding ways to love it. (Still am.) It started with poetry because I knew I couldn’t fail. It moved on to bullshitting school papers because I could mock the system when I received the same grade as someone who spent weeks on the same paper, and I, only hours. Writing became more fun when I could write love letters and make women blush. And starting this blog? Best decision of my life for reasons it would take a book to detail.

I didn’t always want to be an entrepreneur either, but I always found ways to love it. (Still do.) I started my own vending machine business with my dad because I loved eating the leftover candy. I helped run a card shop because I loved collecting pokemon cards at the time and got to watch old batman movies when no one was in the shop. Instead of a lemonade stand, I had a beanie babies stand because it connected me with more kids my age.

I didn’t always want to go into Public Relations, but it was a knack of mine finding ways to love it. (Still is.) Meeting new people and going to events alone was rough, but I made business cards for myself. They made me feel I deserved to be there even though I didn’t have an established PR business. I went to dozens of Toastmaster (public speaking org) meetings, not because I was fearless, but because I could learn from others’ failures so I didn’t make the same when I finally forced myself to the podium.

Passion isn’t really something you seek out on purpose, it’s more of something you come across. You don’t need an “aha” moment to realize what it is you’ve been put on this world to do. You get there by finding reasons to love what you’re already doing.


Stay Positive & You’ll Do What You Love, When You Love What You Do

You Don’t Have To Be An Extrovert, But…

Every now and then I question whether I know more than my dad or not. It seems that I tell him new things, correct him, and remind him of what he said a week earlier quite often. This makes it difficult to pay attention and listen to him when he talks to me about a topic (as if he knows more than me).

And yet, I do listen and pay attention for one reason: I may be 20, but I’m not young enough to know everything. (HT Oscar Wilde)

Aside from a handful of small lessons I’ve learned from my dad over the last week, I want to share the largest one, and it’s this: talk.

Talk to whoever is around you, talk to who you are dealing with, talk to who you’re buying from, talk to who you’re sitting by. Hell, talk to yourself. Get in the habit of talking.

I’ve decided to quit using the word negotiation or any spinoff of it. Just as fine print is dying, so are negotiations. Sure, one can make a sale by going back and forth, but it’s the most unpleasant, unfulfilling, and frustrating interaction in the sales world. Naturally, I want to say my dad is a great negotiator, but he’s not. He’s a great talker.

Just this morning he got my motorcycle insurance lowered by nearly $200. I asked how and he responded, “I talked a lot.”

I am sure this guy has saved more money talking than others have scamming, saving, or negotiating.


Stay Positive & A Lesson Worth Passing On

Garth E. Beyer



is always the best time to start.

There’s a wonderful reminder that I’ve worked up to counter the most common reason to not start now: you’re already behind.

I call it the One Bite Away reminder.

Imagine you start a diet (maybe you are currently on one) and things are going great. You’ve lost a few pounds, built some muscle, and even feel better. But then you begin snacking over the weekend.

Now you’re behind.

And since you’re behind, you might as well toss the diet plan. You messed up. You failed. Forget it. Maybe next year. Maybe in the summer. Maybe when you get enough motivation to ask someone to do it with you. Maybe when you build up to it again. Maybe when you get your feelings hurt.

Why we don’t realize that being slightly behind is a lot better than continuously getting further behind, I don’t know.

What I do know is that when you are behind, you’re only One Bite Away from getting back on the diet, back in the groove, back in the zone.

Seems pretty simple when you put it that way doesn’t it? One bite – not one hundred bites, not a week behind, not five pounds. One bite.

That’s how it is with any “diet.”


Stay Positive & Don’t Beat Yourself Up. You’re Just One Bite Away

Garth E. Beyer

Enjoying The Journey

Have you tried non-resistance?

It’s much like the old simile of water flowing down the river. The water doesn’t force itself to try to push the rocks out of its way. The water simply flows.

I don’t like it. Those who live by the motto, “go with the flow,” aren’t living life. It’s a tacky way of going about. These are the people who fail to realize something massively important about living, loving, and learning.

You can live stronger, wilder, free-er, love more passionately, more intimately, more loyally,  and learn differently, zen-ly, interestingly when you are lost and confused than when you know where you are and want to be, when you’re single or even broken-hearted than when you’re on a date or moments away from asking your special one to marry you, when you’re broken and failing than when your right on track.

The only determination whether what you’re going through is a better lesson than what you would rather be going through is you. And the only decision you have to make is to be non-resistant.


Stay Positive & Learn From The River: Rifts, Waves, Stillness, And All

Garth E. Beyer



Everyone has their problems, their battles, their emotions, their wars, and their own issues. Realizing this, knowing this, understanding this does not mean to put you to inaction. It does not mean to hold back, to deal, to settle, to not complain, to not feel.

Humans need to be better and if there is one way that is more available to us than not doing anything, it is doing something. It is taking action, reacting more passionately, releasing our empathy, our sympathy, our hopes that others can win their battles.

It is to encourage your neighbor, your tribe member, a stranger, that you not only acknowledged that they are having their problems, but that you have their back, support them and encourage them.

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. - Robert H. Schuller

If there is one thing humans have the biggest habit of, it’s creating a mess of our lives, of making more problems and provoking difficult situations to arise. We’re not stupid, we just kind-of suck but we are aware that we can do better. We just have to act on it.

Everyone has their problems. It’s up to you to offer solutions because doing so starts an endless cycle of understanding, encouragement, togetherness and above all, -not less problems, life would be boring without them- but more solutions. And that gets us somewhere.


Stay Positive & I Feel Good For You Son

Garth E. Beyer

The Juggler’s Perfection

When I write, I let typos slip, mechanical or grammatical errors to pass, I leave the crossed out words on the page, I keep the notes I wrote in the margin, and in other words, while I juggle all aspects of writing, I drop the ball and make sure everyone notices it.

I call it the Juggler’s perfection.

Have you ever thought what would happen to the Juggling industry if Jugglers never dropped a ball? In other words, what happens to it if failure never participates in the show?

Juggling ceases to be a profession. It is no longer entertaining to watch and there is no point in paying to watch it. The exact reason Jugglers are incredible, get paid to juggle, and amaze people is in the fact that they fail. They drop the ball.

Instead of trying to be perfect, be imperfect perfectly and accept failure as a sign you can still make a living off of it.


Stay Positive & Invite The Jugglers Perfection Into Your Muse, Work, Passion

Garth E. Beyer