“That Was Difficult”

Notice The Signs

There are plenty of signs to look for that you’re doing work that matters.

Of course, at first notice the signs might have warning tape and be outlined in bold red.

That’s your lizard brain’s doing in attempt to get you to stand still.

But your dreams and your influence on others dies when you stand still.

So notice the signs for what they actually mean: That you’re making an impact, trying something that might not work, and digging deeper toward something that might be 10x the work you’ve already put in–and ultimately worth it.

Once you recognize those signs for what they are, be sure to recognize the one’s for achievement.

Almost no one gets fulfillment when they say “That was easy,” they merely get off the hook.

“That was difficult, but I did it.” Now that’s powerful stuff.


Stay Positive & Follow The Signs

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Garth Beyer

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