Faults In Thrashing


Some of the most productive days are filled with quick work.

It’s the thrashing before a deadline.

Other times, it’s pure motivation that drives us to get a lot of shit done.

While the result may be good enough, deadline met, to-do list complete (list-check-off-ers, you know who you are), quality and delight become oversights.

You don’t sign off an email wishing the recipient of your message a fantastic day. Your blog uses fewer words that resonate and show your astuteness. You washed the dishes, but some of the bowls still have grease on them.

Consider tomorrow’s schedule. Will it be filled with remarkability, creation and progress or will you be left washing the same dishes a second time?


Stay Positive & Quality Is Expected, Telling Yourself Otherwise Is Putting You Behind

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Garth Beyer

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