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Choosing Staff

When it comes to your staff–if they’re not as passionate about your story as you, they’re not doing you any favors.

In fact, they’re lowering the bar of your business. Your value is suffering.

If you have to close your shop for a few days to find the right person to hire. Do so.

It’ll hurt you more to hire someone on a whim so you can stay open.

Worse yet is hiring someone for the long-term who isn’t excited by why your business exists.

The worst salesperson for a carpet company is the one who says that they leave their carpet at home filthy and buy the cheaper stuff from the other guys.

The worst bartender you can hire is the one who tells customers “I don’t like beer.” (Literally experienced this at what was supposed to be a stellar craft beer bar in Chicago this weekend. Think I’ll be going back? Nope.)

You don’t need to find the Miss America of staff, but you do need to find someone with a spark of care, of generosity and of passion … then help fuel it.

Just as there are customers you shouldn’t keep as customers, there’s staff you’d be better off without.


Stay Positive & We Need You To Choose Better Staff More Than You Need The Staff

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