WORK: The Big Picture

This post is to be read during the rough work days and before the end of difficult work days. Read Time: 30 seconds

Never get aggravated, emotional, negative or bring home any resentment from work again.

Notice how small everything is in the picture. Especially work. I bet it took you some time to find it.


Remember that your work is a very small piece in a very large picture called life.

You could lose your job but you will be fine. You could mess a task up but you will be fine. Work is only work when you focus on it, but when you view the bigger picture… that fact that unless you are dying, you really can’t say you’re having a rough day.

The Big Picture: Life goes on, and it keeps going on. It does not stop to complain about the bad job you did or to get upset with how much work there is still left to do or how long it will take to do it. It goes on, unbiased, undaunted. If life goes on, why shouldn’t you?

Stay Positive and And Remember Those Three Words About Life

Garth E. Beyer      it goes on

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